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  • I tried to buy this house about two years ago. The interior was very cool, but it did not have these weird plumbing and light fixtures. I do remember the front room having a severe slope to it. About a $175k increase to what I was trying to pay for it then.

  • one would pay a lot of money to get that look from Restoration Hardware. . . oops, maybe they did.

  • A scene from ‘Scarface’ just appeared in my brain. Chainsaws ‘n such.

  • Even more disturbing is the window painted with a sprayer, but without taping of the glass first. One of my peeves. If you are going to paint, then do the damn prep work. It is a sure sign of shoddy everything else work.

  • That realtor needs to go back to school. These photos suck and some of them are not even facing the same way. How on earth do half the realtors out there get jobs selling real estate when they can’t even present a property properly. Man, I love these photos of the day. :)

  • $495K? I guess there really is a sucker born every minute.

  • Winn: Photos don’t sell house. Houses (and their respective price) sell houses.

  • Winn: I take that back. If I see a photo that is not properly rotated, I’d just assume the realtor is so dumb that I couldn’t work with them regardless of property / price. So I take back my comment.
    (How do people do that? Such a pet peeve of mine. Oh, and HAR will give the agent a violation notice due to not enough pics.)