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  • Should have carried the gable through at least some parts of the interior instead of flat ceilings. Otherwise pretty cool.

  • BZD makes nice homes but this is just obscene; the houses isolated from the street in front of a bed of concrete #CarStorage

  • How did this pass inspection? The front steps are not up to code. If there are more than three steps, you’re required to have a railing.
    Also, agree about the bed of concrete. They could at least have used a permeable surface and/or installed a lickety-lube driveway.

  • Nothing like a fish-eye lens to make a shotgun house look spacious.

  • If anything, the aerial photo is more bizarre.
    This block has a narrow pavement width, maybe 20 ft or so, but probably a much larger RoW. So the “driveway” goes from the edge of the paved street, to what appears to be a sidewalk to and from nowhere (there are no sidewalks on this block, so these 50-ft of sidewalk are totally useless), then deep enough after the sidewalk to accommodate the city-mandated two off-street parking spaces.
    What the city SHOULD do here: recognize that the 20-ft paved surface is a shared space between cars and pedestrians, and forget the idea of requiring a sidewalk. Then they can allow the homeowner to use the additional RoW as head-in parking to accommodate the required two spaces, and allow a zero front setback. That would allow the structures to move forward 40 ft, and give each house 1000 sf of backyard.

  • Wealthy hipster housing.

  • I like it for $100/psf. Cheap appliances, cheap windows, cheap tile. Cheap. $150,000 tops.

  • And you may find yourself
    living in a shotgun shack

  • Over-price much?

  • Memebag for the win.

  • Is there not even a garage?

  • “recognize that the 20-ft paved surface is a shared space between cars and pedestrians, and forget the idea of requiring a sidewalk. ”

    If you go that route and they fully utilize the two spaces, they block the “sidewalk”. So all win for the home owner, loss for anyone trying to use the sidewalk.

  • If you’re gonna expose the lavatory drain pipe, splurge on the $15 extra bucks and make it chrome. Those are the little details that when skipped, make me worry about the larger details that were skipped. Also this is $300k for basically a studio space on a teeny lot with no covered parking. Not sure how it retains value unless area prices skyrocket continually for 10 more years.

  • updated listing photos show a more complete picture…pretty cool!

  • “Dude” must be the RE agent. The listing photos are all distorted and stretched to make it look bigger than it really is. But hey, they knocked a whopping $111 (0.04%) off the listing price!

  • An organic chemist would call these enantiomers, not twins. They are mirror images.

  • “Come play with us, Danny.”

  • Morton Pestle: Walter White might have called them chiral.

  • Huh, I’d have guessed they were more like stereo isomers.