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  • There’s your real Tusk-an style house.

  • All that tacky decoration and the best you could manage for chairs were some hotel lobby closeout auction?

  • I see dead animals. Again.

  • Look out! All the pillows in the house have been karate-chopped. They mean business!!

  • Geez…. how big was that zebra who donated his hide for that rug?

  • It was a Texas zebra. Everything is bigger in Texas.

  • Texas sized, and probably 20 legs. At least.

  • The house is much too large for my liking, but I have to admit that I think that it is a beautiful place and very well decorated. Plus, for all of the many listings that have horrible photographs, this one has magazine-quality shots, and that has to be worth something.

  • Once again I am going to go on my tree rant. $3.6 and a yard full of hideous spindly pine trees. Please, PLEASE cut those trash trees down! They ARE NOT a national treasure to be cherished forever. Ugh. Okay, rant over.

  • *** I just breezed thru the pics~ I found the “basics” to be fine & usually pretty nice quality (from what I could TELL from the pics, anyway)…

    Some random thoughts:

    … A “personality/human touch” is missing here & that’s an integral part of the “recipe”. (Having SAID that tho, I believe one can safely ASSUME this has been STAGED & nobody has actually LIVED in it yet, right?)…

    PERSONALLY, a large home is a hassle to MANY of us (who have already “been there, done that”), BUUUT, COMFY, BEAUTIFUL LUXURY SHOULD BE a TOP PRIORITY… I PREFER to have FABULOUS SURROUNDINGS, amongst SPACES that are FEWR in NUMBER, yet large & unique enough to be a comfy, “I-luv-it!” home, whether for two or 20…

    I’m WAAAAY PAST that “stage” of trying to impress or “keep up” (come on, we’ve ALL done THAT at one time or another, if we’re truly HONEST about it!)~~~ As one ages & lives life MORE, we discover it’s just not necessary & a waste of valuable time & resources~~~ it has to please ME/US F*O*R US, our friends and our family. Period.

    Outdoor spaces are CRITICALLY IMPORTANT too, & should also be HIGH on the “NEED/MUST HAVE” list… a FULL LIVING SET-UP is a must, at least if you live in a good weather climate!!!

    I’ve ALSO always been a nut about cleanliness, but I do NOT wish to live in a STERILE environment… (I just wish I could PAY someone to “break-in” any/all NEW pieces, to provide that calm & loving interior that feels ALEREADY loved).

    OOPS~ I apologise for the length… I THOUGHT I was just “dropping a quick note/comment! Please forgive me… I guess I just feel so strongly about “MY/OUR SURROUNDINGS!”… (We moved 28 times in the first 38 years of our married life!).

    Thanks for the blog today~ Wishing you the best!

    Linda in AZ *

  • P.S. I found I truly LIKED the FIRST pic alot!!! (Annnnd, NO ZEBRAS were hurt here~ obviously it’s a rug MADE to imitate a zebra, so folks should rest easy about that, IMHO!)…

  • Snore this place is a over blown boar!

  • That is the home of John Mecom III

    As in the Mecom Fountain family…………

    Oil money

  • I want a morning room.

  • Nothing says art lover like a screaming eagle on the dining room table, but how does one reconcile the dead animal moif with the St. Francis on the coffee table?

  • tanith27-Stop looking.

  • Love the look Ernest Hankins would be proud. Good Luck , Nathan M.