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  • The owners may have either been deprived of mobiles as infants, or have had mobiles all their lives considering how many things hang from their ceilings.
    I dig the ‘carriage house’, great space, looks great as well. The owners seem to have a warehouse of art stashed in there, I’m tempted just to pretend to be interested so I can get a ‘museum’ tour.

  • @MontroseResident, look a little closer. Almost everything hanging is a Hanukkah decoration, so likely doesn’t hang there all year round.

  • There is one non-Hanukkah mobile by the stairs. The art collection in this house is lovely. I have always wondered why mobiles have not come back into fashion. There are so many “open concept” houses and town homes with two story ceilings above the main living area that are just empty dead space. A nice big mobile could really liven up the space.

  • @GoogleMaster, thanks for pointing that out… I’m Catholic, so it did not click, though I did recognize the Menorah’s… even the one outside.

  • i love that guest house. would rather stay there than in the main house!

  • Refrigerator magnets got photoshopped out in one kitchen view. But I like the kitchen-it looks human.