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  • Despite the strange angles the Realtor did manage to show the house better than the other 99% that still use a $50 digital camera they bought on clearance.

  • Even from that low angle, 1,400 sq ft is still tiny.

    @dag – You’d be surprised at the quality of pics you can create with a $50 camera – it just takes a steady hand and a little common sense, which tend to lack on many HAR posts. I have blown up and framed several of my own photos taken with just such a camera, and they turned out nicely.

  • Every photo taken from the ceiling, or the floor. I’m dizzy.

  • I personally like the picture looking over the tub, like someone has a secret stalking camera watching you while you are showering.

  • I particularly liked the photo of the garage that is either missing a roof or has a false front. No matter the cost of the camera, inquiring buyers will ask why this house is priced so high for so little space and a roofless garage.

  • You can see a metal roof on the garage, and that false front is ridiculous. Everything about this house is ridiculous.

    It’s like the financially irresponsible lower-middle-class man’s version of that insane Restoration Hardware overdose house in Meyerland from a few months ago.

  • I don’t know about “financially irresponsible lower-middle-class.” It looks like somebody loved working on this house, but alot of it was DIY. I would simply want to make sure that the work was up to snuff, which is what good inspectors are for.

  • I’m not sure why this house is priced so high when it backs right up to the freeway.