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  • The realtor needs to be let go. Showing this house is bad enough(see the HAR.com pics)but leaving it trashed is UNPROFESIONAL!!!

  • typo: unprofeSSional.

  • Michael Sweat is going to get a frequent flier card from Swamplot soon.

  • What happened? Did they have Mickey Rourke over?

  • That house is on a HUGE lot and already pending. Townhomes?

  • Notice how Mr. Sweat (hellofva name there) is himself so fixated on the mess that many of the pics are of the crap on the floor, and not the house itself.

  • Foreclosure, and already pending, but it looks to me like someone is getting a SCREAMING deal for this much house on a corner lot in this location. Or am I missing something?

  • Looks like the house is infested with college students. You can’t destroy the mound, unfortunately. But if you put two bottles of vodka on an ugly couch and a wheeled dolly, you can lure these pests away from your property.

  • I agree Marmer. Those are such beautiful homes over there. Can people just be scared off by the nabe and the trash or is the entire structure and its infrastructure trash?

  • College students? No. This is not the filth of the bourgeoisie. Homeless camp and/or drug addict flop house? Yes.

  • That’s a first – I’ve never seen an HAR listing without a narrative description. I remember my father telling me that area was once one of the best places to live in Houston (after River Oaks) up to the early 50’s. I’m sure it was a beautiful palace in its heyday.

  • It’ll be sad to see the house go. Maybe it’s because I’m an architect, but from what I can see the house is in pretty good shape. I don’t see signs of water damage or foundation problems. Yeah it needs a good cleaning inside and out, new electrical, new landscaping, new windows, a new kitchen and (I’ll bet) bathrooms; someone’ll have to sand and refinish the hardwoods…. The usual house flipping stuff. This house could be gorgeous

  • Dana- I was in this house over the weekend and while it’s completely trashed, the house has great bones. It’s very solid- you can tell just walking through it. In fact, the people I went with were telling me to look past the mess at all the possibilities. Great bones! Also, I live in this neighborhood of the other side of the bayou (on South MacGregor) and the infrastructure is not trash.

  • This is a very common scenario for a foreclosure. It was possibly occupied by squatters at some point – this is the kind of mess they leave behind. These are probably the cleaner rooms, too. Its only been on the market 8 days and someone has probably made a cash offer. Its a big lot and a big house.

  • Since when was it the realtor’s job to clean up the owner’s mess. If that’s the way the owner wants to leave it then that’s what’s going to show up in the pics. While you people are Monday morning quarterbacking some investor has already contracted on it and the realtor has a commission coming.

  • Crack house still a good deal for someone that a want cheaper fixer upper in this area. The lot alone is worth $250k to $400k wow 16ksqft. I love to fix this one up spend about $75k to 125k fixing it up

  • Its not about the house. It’s about the lot itself. That house will be demo’d, re platted, 2 townhomes built right on top of each other.

  • Its a smart move on both. Focus on the crap knowing someone out there is only thinking about knocking it down. The buyer will pay exactly what the seller asks for bc both parties know its a two for one deal. Win win.

  • justenforcethecode that lot if big enough for 4 to 6 town homes easy

  • If the house is a “tear-down” the agent should have just posted photos of the exterior.If not, well, I realize there’s not a lot of commission but it would have been worth paying someone for a “trash out.” Certainly gives new meaning to “as is, where is.”

  • Brian D. That just enforces what I said. Keeo an eye on the demo report, this house will be on it for sure.
    Smart play by the realtor and seller.

  • What’s cookin’?


  • What’s with the glowy stop sign?

  • Trainspotting…Houston style!

  • @Sally, the stop sign is reflecting the camera flash.

  • CREgirl, i was also there over the weekend and came to the same conclusion. Very solid house that needs a thorough renovation. As a resident on South MacGregor myself, i have seen much worse turned into something spectacular. Here’s hoping we have a restoration minded person under contarct for it.