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  • That is one of the most unfortunate looking townhouses…and probably didn’t have to be. At least the realtor’s pictures are nice, bright and cheery.

  • Maybe you want to wait until it’s dark and shoot with a 32,000 iso at bulb for 30 minutes if you’re trying to go for the tea candle lighting approach. At that point you’ll have some noisy as crap photos and I’m sure that dog doesn’t sit still for long so he’ll leave a few ghost streaks from the long exposure which would add to the overall spooky crypt mood that was totally botched in round 1.

  • Haha, I noticed this picture last night. There’s a lot of unnecessary picture of that dog int he listing. Very interesting to say the least.



  • Is there no electricity?

  • Like the dog in the photos. He appears to be the sort that follows the photographer from room to room.

    Dislike the lighting, and have to say that the outside of the house looks distinctly ‘agricultural.’ Maybe it doubles as a grain elevator or silo?

  • Two things… (but you need to look at the rest of the pics):

    1. That poor stuffed animal is getting humped by the dog on the ottoman. Then later, on another pic, it’s lying there… exhausted while the dog is perched triumphantly above it on the couch… how humiliating.
    2. In the master bath, they placed a candle beneath a shelf which is definitely not safe.

  • “Water softener & filter drinking water installed.” This is so important that it’s the VERY FIRST sentence in the listing?
    The exterior of that place is, shall we say, unfortunate. And then there’s that parking lot next door.