Houston Pinkberry No. 3: Across from Central Market

HOUSTON PINKBERRY NO. 3: ACROSS FROM CENTRAL MARKET On the occasion of the opening of the Houston area’s second Pinkberry (in the Woodlands Mall, tomorrow), the frozen-yogurt franchisor is announcing its first inside-the-loop location: next to Walgreens, across the street from Central Market in the retail building formerly occupied by Village Kids and Janie and Jack — at 3838 Westheimer. The first area Pinkberry (pictured at right) opened last year off the Gulf Fwy. in Webster. Photo: Tone N.

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  • Wow, I can’t wait to remove my man sack and enjoy some pinky yogurt!

  • There’s a buzz about this only because of the west coast following here. 5 years ago it was a curiosity, even i had it.

    Then I tried it — very tart (not my thing) and within 3 months of trying it, similar concepts were here…arguably exceeding their operation.

    I’m sure they’ll do find here, but I think of this like the Ben & Jerry’s on Kirby years ago…more hype than follow through, and years later, no big deal.

    I would have greatly preferred a complete redevelopment of that site. An inconvenient Walgreen’s with a bizarre outparcel building is far less of a use of $100 dirt than a natural extension of Highland Village, with REA.

    This kinda killed that thought.

  • Pinkberry has many followers! Now that this is coming to Houston Berripop better watch out! Berripop tried to copy pinkberry, they almost had it but nothing quite compares to the fresh pinkberry taste! This is the perfect area for pinkberry, this high priced trendy yogurt will be as crowded as the Sprinkles down the street!