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  • If you had enough money to build a faithful replica of the old “Witch Hat House” this site would be awesome. Otherwise, the site is just kind of creepy. “Hey, kids, why don’t you turn off World of Warcraft and go play Ring Around the Tombstones or sumthin’?”

  • Actually, I have lived in a cemetry, and it’s kind of peaceful. And no Casper never showed up.

  • I’m sure it is “peaceful”, MM. But, I’m at the age where I don’t want a daily reminder of my rapidly approaching expiration date while letting my dog out to take a crap.

  • Float down the bayou or catch a freight to downtown Houston.

  • Cemetarys are great neighbors. They never complain, rarely make too much noise, no parking hassels, plus you can play your music loud. An added bonus is you will have the best Halloween parties!

  • This is me favorite place to roller skate and eat candies!!!! Sometimes me talk to the dead people and they tell me how to tie my shoe!!!!