Houston, the Prototypical City

HOUSTON, THE PROTOTYPICAL CITY With its new “more interactive” 1,600-sq.-ft. prototype store now open in The Woodlands Mall, high-end beanbag and furniture retailer LoveSac “can add its name to the long list of retailers and restaurants that have chosen Houston as the market in which to debut a new store design or concept,” writes Allison Wollam. Her recent tally: “Last month, Pollo Campero unveiled its new prototype restaurant and expanded menu in Houston, and in September, Beef O Brady’s sports bar and restaurant debuted its new store design in nearby Lake Jackson. In May, popular sandwich shop Spicy Pickle Sandwich Co. also chose Houston as the first location for its new prototype, featuring a revamped menu, upscale decor and open kitchen.” [Houston Business Journal; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Pollo Campero

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  • LoveSac, baby, LoveSac!
    LoveSac, baby, LoveSac!
    Tinnnn roof! Rusted!

  • Yipee. Another shiny,sleek food “concept”. What won’t people try? Only in suburbia !!! Nothing original.

  • I haven’t been to Beef O’Brady’s in Lake Jackson but the pictures look just like the one that’s been in Pearland for three or four years. Not sure what the “new design” is… its a sports bar with little TV’s in the booths. And early returns indicate that “high-end beanbag and furniture retailer” is the oxymoron of the day.

  • wanna test your restaurant concept or peddle some beanbags? why not try america’s fattest* city?! [insert obligatory “the woodlands isn’t houston” statement here]

  • Maybe they should work on “names” instead of “design” or “concept.” Why would I EVER want to go to a restaurant called “Beef O’Brady’s?”

  • Or “Love Sac” or “Spicy Pickle.” REALLY??

  • They DO realize that Love Sac is one of many male anatomy slang phrases for – oh, never mind….

  • Does each purchase include a free can of air freshener?

  • @Hellsing: indeed. I’m trying to picture someone having a conversation:

    “Where do you work?
    “LoveSac, in the Woodlands”
    “(snicker) What?”
    “Love Sac. It’s a high-end furniture retailer.”
    “(Laughter) What? Love Sack? Really?”
    “Really! We sell beanbags!”
    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (rolls on floor)”

  • ‘High End Beanbag’ is an oxymoron

  • LoveSac, Spicy Pickle…What’s next, the return of Der Wienerschnitzel?

    And to move in next to Beef O’Brady’s, how about a Bennigan’s?

    Beef O’Brady’s…jeez…

  • I KNOW!
    Love Sac fitted sheets/covers are, well, both required and over-due.

  • Something suspicious about this article…”LoveSac” and “Spicy Pickle” are both slang for male anatomy, and “Beef O’Brady” sounds like a porn star name. Somebody at Swamplot having a little fun? Or does this fall into the “you can’t make this sh!t up” truth is stranger than fiction category?