Washington Ave’s Growing Strip of Drive-Thrus

Guatemalan fast-food chain Pollo Campero‘s new-prototype restaurant (pictured above) will soon become the fourth standalone drive-thru in a row along a section of the south side of Washington Ave. Driving east from the corner of Durham, you’ll find the W Grill (at left, featuring 2 drive-thru windows), then a Jack in the Box on the corner of Shepherd. After El Rey Taqueria comes the future Pollo Campero site at 4701 Washington Ave., slated to be the company’s next-in-line location — a new one is about to open at 702 W. Bay Area Blvd. in Webster, and another is planned for Missouri City. Any room for this burgeoning Washington Ave drive-thru scene to grow? That small building wedged between the W Grill and the Jack-in-the-Box could start to look hungry.

Images: Pollo Campero and W Grill

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  • Per their web site, the Webster location is “Now Open!”

  • When flying back from El Salvador you can always expect the plane to be full of the scent of fried chicken from the many people bringing many bucket of El Pollo Campero back to the states. Good stuff, but it’s just one more step in Washington Ave. following the evolutionary precedent of Richmond in the mid 90s. (Cheap Real Estate -> High class clubs and bars -> Low class clubs and bars -> fast food chains -> Strip Clubs…)

  • But will a baby own the strip club?

  • @ Ryan: Washington Avenue real estate is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

  • I tried it once at the one out on Long Point. The chicken was so poorly prepared (even by fast food standards) that it was barely edible and lost any special El Salvador/Guatamalan flavor. But, the yucca fries were really, really good. I am surprised that yucca fries don’t make it onto menus in other restos in Houston.

  • A little down the street, the new Sammy’s Wild Game Grill (behind the dry cleaners at Washington and Waugh) has a drive through. I’ve been there twice and was impressed both times. It was a little pricey, but the Venison Burger is awesome.

  • Maybe the Chicken Campero will make it on Washington but the one on Wayside in the heavily hispanic east end folded.

  • Let us not confuse Yuca with Yucca :-)

  • From PYEWACKET2:

    Maybe the Chicken Campero will make it on Washington but the one on Wayside in the heavily hispanic east end folded.
    It was too expensive. Rey del pollo is much better.

  • I think the one on Long Point folded as well. When they can’t make it on Wayside or Long Point, there must be some management issues? Perhaps this one is a new franchisee?

  • Thank goodness we’re in the 21st century and development isn’t being driven by the private automobile any more. Oh…..wait….