Houston’s First Trader Joe’s Opens June 15th — in The Woodlands

Its brand-new, built-from-scratch store at the Woodlands Crossing Shopping Center near the corner of Woodlands Pkwy. and Kuykendahl Rd. (10868 Kuykendahl if you’re setting coordinates now) looking darn near ready-to-be-shopped-in (above), Trader Joe’s has at last announced an opening date for it: June 15th. Openings of the 2 other announced Houston-area stores — in the former Alabama Theater on S. Shepherd and West Alabama, and in a new building on Voss just north of San Felipe in Memorial — will take place before the end of the year, but haven’t yet been publicly scheduled.

Photo: Sweetmocha

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  • I am underwhelmed with the facade

  • I hate strip malls

  • Yet you guys take the time to look at them and post your “underwhelming” “hate”ful comments, you don’t like it, don’t shop there, move on to the next post. TJ fans appreciate the effort of this site to keep us informed.


  • Again with the TJs obsessives. Why so defensive? Why do you care if people don’t like it. Like you say, more $3 low quality wine and faux organic pre-packaged mass produced food for you.

  • Wow! My local corner CVS looks more appealing than this uber bland thing!

  • Wow what a Crap-Tacular design!

  • It’s your typical strip center in The Woodlands, guys. And the building was already there … sitting empty. TJ’s didn’t build it from scratch. Not really sure why folks expected some sort of grand design. Regardless of what it looks like, ppl are still gonna shop there all day, every day.

  • There are no unique historical structures in the Woodlands. It is a master planned community that was started in the 70s. Trader Joe’s really had no choice other than to put it in a vanilla strip mall.

  • Correction “greggo”, TJs was built from the ground up, but they did not have the option to build as they wanted, the structure had to match the rest of the strip mall, with that said, the only part of the building TJ fans care about is the 10 RED Letters on the Facade. (T R A D E R J O E S) and the contents of such structure.

  • Yawn. Another boring, dull, vapid, stucco-tastic strip center. It has NO personality,just like the Woodlands. Not much culture there and just a glorified bedroom community.

  • Trader Joe’s is hard to do business with. They move into the neighborhood but won’t speak to local providers of goods. They are full of crap. Support local business Trader Joe’s

  • “won’t speak to local providers of goods”

    Because they are owned by a huge European supermarket chain! Per wikipedia: “As of 2010, Trader Joe’s sells what Fortune magazine estimated to be $1,750 in merchandise per square foot, more than double the sales generated by Whole Foods Market.”
    And “Trader Joe’s stocks about 4,000 items, 80% of which bear one of its own brand names.”
    Their formula works for them and their many fans.

    You want local chard? It’s a free country – go find a farmers market.

  • TJs is owned by the Walmart of Europe.

  • I can’t wait, I am driving from San Antonio for opening day.

    And really this looks like your typically TJ’s, strip mall, boring from the outside, but the inside is where it counts.

  • I’ll be there and I hate busy stores – so stay home if you dont appreciate having a TJ’s here, more for me and the rest of the fans!! I moved here from Cali 6 years ago and have been waiting for a TJ’s the entire time!

  • I don’t care if it’s in a strip mall. I don’t care if it’s in a trailer park. I don’t care if it’s in Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio. I’m excited that it’s here in Houston. I’ve waited a long time for Trader Joe’s to get to Texas and it’s finally here. To all the people with negative comments — I hope you stay farrr away from TJ so there will be plenty of room for me to browse the two buck chucks. Hallelujah!

  • I’m from northern California and the first thing I did when I decided to relocate to Texas was check on-line to see if they had a Trader Joe’s in the Houston area. Unfortunately, they did not, the third largest city in United States… c’mon!!!! now its here, I can’t wait!