Latest Pix of the Woodlands’ Trader Joe’s, Opening Soon

Stalking the new Trader Joe’s is apparently a competitive sport in The Woodlands. And here’s the latest score, sent in by yet another Woodlands-area Swamplot reader who’s marking construction progress at the Woodlands Crossing Shopping Center at 10868 Kuykendahl, just south of Woodlands Pkwy. and across the street from H-E-B. Yes, the very first TJ’s in the Houston area looks for all the world like just another steel-frame-and-stucco building at the butt-end of a parking lot. Except, of course, this one’s got the Trader Joe’s sign attached to the facade’s high forehead:


Inside already: freezer cases! How long until they’re filled with frozen fish?

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • Are we absolutely sure that this isn’t the storefront for an income tax agency or possibly one of those shops that does title loans? I’m not perfectly sure I could tell the difference between those and a Trader Joe’s. Certainly not from the street, anyway.

  • Who cares what it looks like.

  • Wow there are never any development pics of any of the other buildings going up on this site . . . But pictures of a grocery store going into a very bland looking shopping center are posted . . . I just don’t understand

  • Maybe it’s a Cash in Advance store?

  • Are you sure that isn’t a CVS Pharmacy store and its sign just photoshopped to change the text into Trader Joes?

  • Yes it’s steel frame and stucco, and yes that’s what 90% of all the recent retail buildings in this area are, but just think if this was Swamplot Paris, you’d probably be commenting that “Le nouvelle Trader Joes is opening in yet another 5 story limestone building with a mansard roof”

  • Looks cheap!

  • Never mind the bland exterior. That cheap drop ceiling with the grid pattern of fluorescent lighting just looks institutional, like a Class B office buildout.

  • If you look at all three of the locations they all look very cheap . . . There is so much excitement over this grocer but it seems like just another discount grocery . . . The Mi Tienda that was built on 59 and little York looks 100 times better then this

  • Why is everyone on swamplot so against stucco? I’m sure the builders took into consideration it’s gulf coast location, so no, it doesn’t look like the ones in California where it hardly ever rains. It’s a grocery sore. Who cares what it looks like!??

  • As it’s lacking their trademark “corner entrance,” it would never be suitable as a CVS. It could be a Walgreens or a “dollar store” though.

  • Well, they have a pretty good wine selection and great frozen food, so…
    Yeah, they’re nothing special.

  • I guess Dollar$$$Pawn has to keep searching…

  • Stucco is crap, it doesn’t hold up well with our Gulf Coast Weather, simply screams shoddy and cheap.

  • A lot of people care what things look like. If nobody cared what things looked like, then everything would look like … oh…

  • dang people always got to complain about something.

  • I could not care less what it looks like. The stores are all different — even in California. It’s just a fun, quirky store with fun, quirky food and fun, quirky people. I can’t wait! I’m almost out of my Trader Giotto’s White Balsamic vinegar that I stock up on when I go west.

  • It’s obvious that most of you haven’t ever heard of or know anything about Trader Joe’s. If you had, you’d be excited that it was coming to The Woodlands. If an exterior (or even interior) is going to keep you from shopping there, I will be grateful, because that means the store will not be filled with those Woodlands residents who are shallow and superficial, but with fellow in-the-know TJ fans!

  • I’m from Cali and have Trader Joe’s shipped to me every chance I can! I live in Alvin and this is going to be an hour away, but I’m still super excited it is coming and plan to go as often as I can. I think it is a little ridiculous how everyone hates stucco. If it were brick it would be better? Fake brick isn’t any better so please don’t judge a book by its cover. This place is amazing! Thanks for keeping up with the building of it!

  • I wish I could “like” comments here. JA & Crystal : like :)

  • I am so happy this is my last trip to CA where I have to bring back my Trader Joe’s Favorites! I could care less what the exterior of the building looks like, it what’s inside that counts. I can’t wait for them to be just around the corner….

  • More pictures coming soon, just submitted new ones taken this morning.

  • I was wondering if they had announced Opening Day yet?

  • Opening June/July, “Not Official”

  • Take it for what it’s worth- a neighbor’s wife went to the store yesterday and was told that opening day of May 7th

  • To what I saw early this week, they have a lot of work ahead of them to be ale to open in a little over two weeks, I sure won’t mind if they pull it off.

  • I have been shopping at trader joes for over 12 years. They are not your typical grocery store or are they like any discount grocery store you may have been in before. They have great, unique products that they are able to sell at a lower price because they are not flashy or paying for brand names. Give it a chance before you comment on the bland exterior. You are sure to get hooked if you have an open mind and can abandon the big name commercial grocery stores….plus 2 buck chuck rocks!

  • All you haters can just stay out of the store, it will leave less of a line for me and my wife. I’m from California and have waited for a TJ’s for years to come to TX. Can’t wait for it to open. If you know anything about healthy eating, you’ll know that TJ’s is mostly organic, and all their name brand food is also non-GMO. They are awesome

  • I don’t care what it looks like – I moved here from St. Louis and TJ’s is one of the things I miss the most. They can’t open soon enough! And lay off the Power Berries – they’re MINE! ;)

  • It’s OFFICIAL “June 15th” Posted today on the TJs Website…… Mark your calendar, and please no tents, do not camp outside, the only thing they will give out is, , , great products and great prices.

  • Think it looks cheap? That’s all right guys…keep on driving right past, no need for you to stop in. The rest of us who know what a little gem Trader Joe’s is we’ll gladly make the hike up to the woodlands and cruise those empty aisles.

  • You TJ’s people crack me up.

  • I will be driving 43 miles to get to the new Woodlands Trader Joe’s on June 15. I live in Pasadena, TX and I cannot wait to get to shop @ Trader Joe’s. Shopping there is an adventure, not your ordinary grocery shopping experience. Trader Joe’s has specialty items that you cannot find anywhere else and the “Crew” will help you enjoy your time there. My son works @ Trader Joe’s in Santa Barbara and always brings a few of my favorite items when he visits. Try it, you just might like it. If not, move over and make way for me and my entourage driving from Pasadena for our first Texas Trader Joe’s experience June 15, 2012.

  • It looks to me as though many of the comments came from those who do NOT know what Trader Joe’s is all about! If you have never frequented this FABULOUS store….then please, don’t comment. I am new to TX….from CA. I have heard so many comments about the CA stucco. I am sick of it. If every building I saw in TX looked AMAZING…..then I could learn to accept them. However…..since my arrival to Houston, in Jan 2012….I have seen a lot of “shoddy and cheap” buildings, homes, store-fronts! I was initally put up in the Greenspoint area. Now you will know what I was not too thrilled about my move to TX!! As mentioned above….if you don’t like it….please….drive on by. TJ’s will do just fine without your patronage! I can’t wait for TJ’s to open more stores, especially in the Atascocita/Kingwood area!!!! Congrats to TJ’s!!

  • Renee! Welcome to Texas! Hope you like it!

  • Can’t wait. Woodlands will never be the same after TJ’s opens. We Texans are so fortunate owners decided to come to Texas. Anybody have an inside scoop that doors could open before June 15??? A preview of sorts? Countdown time!

  • “You are sooo beau-tiful, to meeee. Can’t you seee-eeee? You’re every-thing I HOPED for….You’re EVERY-thing I need” (C’mon people, sing it with me) Trader Joe – You are so beau-tiful, to me! Ya’ll keep your mits off my Bulgogi on June 15th!!

  • Stay clear of my Kung Pao Chicken, Cocoa Almond Spread, All Natural Tri-Tip Asada, Caramelized Onion Dip, Uncured Applewood Bacon, Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins, Lemon Turnovers, Shade Grown Espresso, Ciliegine Fresh Mozzarella, etc… and we’ll be ok.

    No soft opening day, I just confirmed it, they told me they will be ready without a test run on the 15th. Sweeeeeeet!

  • Are we there yet? Not yet, but June 15 is almost here folks. Planning an overnight stay in Woodlands so we can enjoy an extended Trader Joe’s shopping trip. Yes, we will stock up on good stuff, all with TJ’s stamp of approval. Lights, cameras, action!

  • I feel I must be at this 6-15 opening. It will be epic. My disposable income is itchy and needs to be scratched.

  • TJ’s didn’t build the shopping center, they are only renters. This thread is so bizarre. If you don’t like crappy stucco talk to the zoning committee and developer- don’t blame the grocer. I’m thrilled they are coming to my neighborhood. If you are not, by all means stick to your Mi Tienda!

  • On our way to Woodlands to see for ourselves this new Texas TJ’s. Just can’t wait until June 15. Need to see and need to know what’s happening there with this new way of life being placed right here in Texas! Wow! Go TJ’s go!

  • I can’t wait for TJ’s to open!! I just returned from So Cal with all my TJ goodies. I can’t wait for the day when I can just drive locally to get my favs when I have a craving. Love 2 buck chuck, their trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and on and on. Mmmmm, the pineapple chips!! OMG! If you think they are expensive, you don’t know what you are talking about!! They have GREAT stuff at GREAT prices, even in So Cal.

    On second thought..they suck..don’t go..keep the line shorter for ME!!!!

  • SO, someone did drive to check it out, just to make they’re making progress? I would be heart-broken if they open June 15 because I’m driving 45 miles for my shopping spreeeee. Weeeeeeee. BTW…All stucco/CVS/Walgreens commenters, do us a favor and don’t shop there. Your negativity will spoil my trip and perhaps spoil the food too.

  • All of the ridiculous Woodlands people can stay out of TJ’s. Who gives a crap about stucco and fake brick. Haaa kind of reminds me of those new homes in The Woodlands with the postage stamp yards. After living in Oregon and New Mexico we discovered TJ’s and it rivals HEB And Kroger with their competitive prices and delicious healthy products. Haters stay away, I will be the first in line on June 15th.

  • I don’t care what it looks like…Trader Joe’s could open a store in a pup tent and I would be just as excited that they are coming to our area!!

  • I have been shopping at this store for over 30 years. I recently moved here from California and the first two things I looked into were Trader Joe’s and Farmers Markets (both of which are almost non-existent, until now). I am very pleased that TJ’s is going to be so close. For those of you not in the know…it’s a store that combines the likes of a Spec’s and the Whole Foods grocery store…but much more affordable. I am sure that those who are skeptical right now….will boast of the store once they have shopped there and/or when you entertain with their foods, beer and wines, people will ask “where did you get this?” GO SEE FOR YOURSELVES…as a matter of fact…since it is the only TJ’s in Houston right now…don’t spread the word…if you do the store will be packed all the time…I myself enjoyed when there was one in almost every other city (unlike here) it made shopping a pleasure.

  • Trader Joe’s on Alabana and North Shepherd will be opening in September. Can’t wait since I am only 10 minutes away! I have always heard good things about TJ’s. HEB and Whole Foods, keep an eye out. In other words, lower your prices….

  • What an opening for a grocery store! We were shocked at lines wrapping around aisles of products we couldn’t even see due to so many happy TJ’s shoppers. We had fun simply shopping and trying to stay out of the way of hundreds of dedicated TJ’s folks waiting in line to purchase their favorite unique items. We plan to return this morning for another try at picking up what we want to purchase. I did get to meet Konny, a sweet friend of my sons who came here from Santa Barbara to open The Woodlands store. What an exciting experience just being a part of the TJ’s celebration on June 15. Anticipating next Houston opening since it’ll be a little closer to us in Pasadena. I have found the perfect location for a Pasadena Trader Joe’s eveybody. It’s an unoccupied Randall’s grocery store and I plan to present the idea to proper folks ASAP. Go TJ’s go! And come to Pasadena next!