How Demolition Saves Houses

Excavator at 2205 Bartlett St., Houston

There are so many lessons to be learned from destruction! Take the house at 2205 Bartlett St. in Greenbriar, for example. Here’s a photo from earlier this month, as the house was prepared for demolition.

What happened next?


A few days go by, the excavator does its job, and the house is razed:

Cleared Site at 2205 Bartlett St., Houston

But then, just 4 days later . . . Hurricane Ike attacks! And . . .

Toppled Tree after Hurricane Ike, 2205 Bartlett St., Houston

Just imagine what would have happened to that home had it still been there! Because of the fine work carried out by this demolition contractor, at least one disaster was averted.

Toppled Tree at 2205 Bartlett St., Houston

Photos: Swamplot Inbox

One Comment

  • See how the house next door opens it’s eyes (shades) & just stares!

    Demo can’t save a tree that ‘grew up’ with a house and it’s landscaping and was, thus, protected by them.