How To Make Sure Your House Doesn’t Sell for Less Than Its Asking Price

This 4,148-sq.-ft. 4-bedroom, 4-bath home on three-quarters of an acre in Piney Point Shadows is listed for sale on HAR at $1.1 million. But don’t waste your time making an offer for anything less: The sellers won’t take it.

At least not until after April 22nd. And even then, not unless the auction for the property the listing agent is holding on that date fizzles.


Reserve price for the auction: $1.1 million.

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  • Is that for lot value? House looks like a teardown.

  • Looks like gradma died and the kids are cashing in. They already had the estate sale, now on to the house.

  • $32/ft for the dirt, plus demo costs. Hmmm

  • Actually, when you put it in /sf terms, that price doesn’t sound so high.

  • I would rather see someone spend money on upgrading the home than a new med/tudor style home. This home just reminds me of old Memorial. Could be a great show place.

  • I hope they get it. Keep us posted. Thx.

  • That house needs major upgrades. The kitchen, for one, needs to be gutted.

  • to teardown that home woud be a MAJOR waste…
    extreme makeover YES! I agree the last thing that area needs is another stucco home void of style.

  • Hou4ClosurePro,

    Not sure I agree about this as too good for a tear down. How is this building not also “void of style?” The front facade sports the trademark over-sized portico with comically thin columns typical of many a McMansion. And on the inside, it looks like someone suffered from a fetish for bad lighting fixtures with faux-antique brass chandeliers and wall sconces dimly illuminating every room.

  • Can’t wait to see this on the daily demolition report as soon as they find a buyer.

  • Why is teardown always the solution? Hasn’t anyone heard of imagination?

  • “Why is teardown always the solution? Hasn’t anyone heard of imagination?”

    Imagination requires taste and taste these days, for the rich anyway, is in the square footage and you can build a nice big house on 3/4 of an acre.

    “I have, therefore I am” and the bigger the have, the bigger the am.

  • Tear it down? This is a 4,000+ square foot house, not a piece of garbage that someone crumples and throws in to a trash can. Echoing what Hou4ClosurePro wrote – what a waste!

  • Agree with the “no tear down” contingency. That’s too big of a house to just demolish at will. As stated previously, I would update the interior, especially the kitchen and family room.

  • Everyone agrees with the “no tear down”…..what a shocker. You guys are so original.

    Looks like EMME has finally figured it out.

  • No, I just have no vision for these types of homes. I am sure that if someone showed me the possibilities I would love to see it renovated.

  • IMHO that house is not a teardown. Dated? Yes. Teardown? No, although some probably would.

    I live in a house quite similar not far from this one. The few “updates” the previous owners did were not so great…but hey, we all have different tastes.

    You need a little imagination and your taste somewhere other than your mouth.

  • Alas, I guess my problem stems from a mindset where this is a teardown, and the Piney Point house was just meant for someone else..

  • Stating the obvious…
    Before proclaiming this a teardown, you’d have to do a cost-benefit analysis to get where you’d want to go. I believe the bulldozer mind-think shows a lack of imagination. But, we don’t know if the foundation is capable of serious remodeling, for instance. I like the property and pool area.

    Happy Easter, Swamphounds.

  • i’ll pay asking if they leave the embalming room intact down in the basement.

  • I’ve been to this home many times. It’s quite elegant and the setting is lush and peaceful. The main living areas are very large with high ceilings. You can’t tell from the pictures how nice this place is — especially the pool and backyard. Yes, the new owners will need to “update it”, as it was built in 1968 and had one owner who recently moved. I am not surprised it sold for asking price. In a better economy it would have sold for 1.5 mil+. It would be a wonderful home to own.