If the Buffalo Grille Had Migrated West

Brock Silverstein tells the HBJ‘s Allison Wollam the strip-center endcap on the northwest corner of Briar Forest and Eldridge Parkway where he and his wife Stacey just opened the Pecan Creek Grille is one of the locations he had investigated a year and a half ago as a possible new home for the then-ready-to-roam Buffalo Grille. Fans of that West U breakfast joint, where the Silversteins worked for 10 years, may find this new lunch spot in the Energy Corridor a little familiar, in a way-out-west kind of way: Pecan Creek has an outdoor patio and serves “diner-style” food, Tex-Mex standards, and breakfast all day.


Photos: Pecan Creek Grille

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  • Not sure why this ad is here, but I wish the Silversteins nothing but the best with their new venture in the boonies. As for the BG, am I the only one that finds their breakfasts to be batting 250? “Yes, I’ll have the dribbler up the middle for a single breakfast, please.” I love breakfast food and I’ll never meet one that I don’t inhale, but I don’t really get the loyal following and the long lines. Where’s that extra pop off the bat?

  • The Pecan Creek Grille is a welcome addition to our breakfast options out in BFE West Houston. Plus Brock and his crew are fantastic!