In Space, No One Can Hear Your Electric Meter Running

Nighttime View of Houston from International Space Station

Tweeting from low Earth orbit on board the International Space Station, NASA astronaut and Clear Lake City resident Rick Mastracchio sends out this spiderweb-like nighttime image he snapped of Houston. What’s that bright spot in the section in the lower right? “Think I left my lights on!” he writes.

Photo: Rick Mastracchio

Photographic Signs of Intelligent Nightlife

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  • We are fortunate in the USA to have a developed economy where citizens can afford power and water, many countries dont have such luxuries, too expensive

  • If we had a random comment of the day contest, Benny would win today’s.

  • Did he Tweet the kids to “turn out some damned lights”? Because I can still hear that 40 years after leaving home. Now my husband tells me.