In Tightly Knit Townhouse Manor, a Mini-Manor with Grounds

Tucked against the South Loop near Stella Link, a mishmash of townhomes mostly built in the mid-sixties and seventies has a somewhat newer neighbor in this 2003 home. It further expands that novelty status by including what could be the only open lot in the small neighborhood of lot-filling homes installed cheek-to-jowl and close to the meandering streets. The property (with property) landed on the market Thursday after refinishing its wooden floors and adding some new carpet and paint. It has a $499,000 asking price.


A three-sided fireplace behind glass means the glow can flow no matter how the main room gets furnished. As currently staged, seating is at a premium:

The breakfast area (below) also appears to be the first floor’s door hub. Open one to access food, the garage off a shared driveway, or the side yard . . .

with patio. Slightly recessed and slightly shaded by a pergola, it has room for a few more chairs:

The open room upstairs has a picture window facing east over the vacant-for-now side lot:

All 3 bedrooms are upstairs, starting with the master suite at the front of the house . . .

which uses a little glass to get more light into the bathroom:

One secondary bedroom gets its close-up in the listing photos:

So does the other full bathroom (below). There’s also a powder room downstairs:

There appears to be a line in the grass marking the boundary between the 2 lots included in this listing. Together, they total 6,935 sq. ft. (The vacant lot is 3,975 sq. ft.)

Elsewhere in the community, there’s a retro swimming pool and picnic park. The listed property, which has an open house Saturday afternoon, comes with a $1,412 annual maintenance fee.

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  • When I looked in that area to buy in 2003, my agent was horrified and steered me to a better part of the zip code. Also cheek-by-jowl is the So. Loop, a damned busy and noisy thoroughfare. I suppose the extra lot adds value, but what is the big brown wall to the left?

  • The big brown wall is just that–the exterior wall of the home or possibly business/office next door.

  • I reside just down the street from this house (apologies to your “horrified” agent, Kenophobic).

    The big brown wall next to this home is the townhouse next door–most of the townhouses are completely connected, some have a tiny bit of patio space in between. The older townhouses on my end of the street have firewalls (yay!). There’s a trio of cool steel houses right across the street from this house.

    It’s a pretty nice neighborhood, really, despite being next to 610 and train tracks (it’s a silent zone, the train never bothers me). I pretend the car noise from the freeway is the sound of the ocean…. Lots of friendly neighbors out on evening walks with their dogs (some dogs are friendlier than others). The area south of 610 is slowly improving, north of the bayou has already improved past the point of affordability.

    Anyway, props to Townhouse Manor. I like it!

  • The green line is a lack of gutters…cheap cheap cheap for $500k Oh to Meyerland

  • The house has gutters, visible in the first photo

  • Oh no, that beautiful rottweiler that comes to the fence to greet my dogs is moving. They love her and get excited when we approach that lot. I live in the neighborhood and love walking through Townhouse Manor. All of the older places have a different design and color, giving it a “Rainbow Row” (Charleston) look.