What’s Been Happening at Buffalo Bayou Park

The dirty work continues: Here are some photos of the progress, as of last night, of the Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s big plan to soup up the soupy waterway.

Above, you can see the new view from Eleanor Tinsley Park, where site work is underway for the Bud Light Amphitheater. Picnic tables, a volleyball court, playground equipment, and a few pine trees are all long gone.

After the jump, you can see more photos of dirt. And photos of the newest pedestrian bridge, inserted between the Houston Police Memorial and the rear of Glenwood Cemetery.


Here’s the view from the new bridge looking toward Glenwood Cemetery:

And then looking back across the bayou toward the Police Memorial:

Photos: Allyn West

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  • I have to admit, that view is incredible.

    Can we please name it something other than “Bud Light Amphitheater” though? Even “Silver Eagle Amphitheater” would be much better.

  • The name just doesn’t matter that much. It will probably only ever be mentioned attached to the mothership, as in “The Bud Light Amphitheatre @ ——-“. Yeah, it could be better, but there’s no such thing as an ugly gift horse.

  • Wonderful project with such a dreadful name.

  • …and dreadful beer.

    Still…this place will be awesome.

    Thanks, Silver Eagle. Really!

  • If it were the “Bud Light Amphitheater, Houston”, we could jsut call it the BLAH.

  • Will there be an actual park left when their finished paving the entire thing. I like a lot of what’s been done, but they’re starting to guild the lilly. Enough already, just finish it and open it so people can actually, oh I don’t know, use it!

  • I wonder what they will do with the design to enable the amphitheater to withstand flooding events? It will basically have to be able to withstand being dunked in 10-20 feet of fast moving bayou sludge with lots of tree stumps, car tires and other bayou flotsam and jetsam during a flood event.

  • It was a pretty view before they cut down the TREES! Not a fan of this part of the project. Just a another treeless hot open field 99% of the year.

  • Oh no….I never considered the potential acronym. Now I’ll never get it out of my head. Blurgh-a-lurgh.

  • @WASP.

    I’ve been using it the whole time. Get away from your keyboard and check it out. You’ll find it is pretty nice in person.

  • There are some areas where trees were removed that will replanted with native species once they are finished reconfiguring the grading…but yes, other areas will be open.

  • “Bud Light Amphitheater”

    Kinda tells you everything you need to know about the H, right there.

  • @markd

    And what is that? That people actually want to invest in new projects in Houston instead of bankrupt Michigan or California?

  • Of course business wants to move here: no right to work, you can pollute the environment pretty much at will (fracking, refineries) very little restrictions( West, Texas), tons of unskilled undocumented labor who won’t ask for raises and will keep labor costs way down, very few pesky discrimination rules, corporate welfare (Chevron et.al). I’m surprised every company in America isn’t in Texas. I just hope we can get the Chargers to move to San Antonio, I mean why not, right

  • @John C

    Try to think a little deeper… but I’m afraid you still won’t get it.

  • From my office looking down on the park, I am worried what started off as a good thing is quickly reaching that precarious edge where any sense of being a park is lost. There is less and less actual ground for lounging / picnicing as more and more concrete and paths are laid. I guess the old adage is true, the road to hell is truly paved with good intentions.

  • Jesus Christ you people do nothing but bitch.

  • Bitch… because the wild old run-where-you-want, water-your-dog-where-you-want Buffalo Bayou days appear to be over.
    Houston should not become freakin Singapore!