With Industrial Complex Out Of the Way, More Sueba Apartments Are Posting Up on North Post Oak


1300-n-post-oak-sueba-signcloseup Here is a close-up view of an upcoming apartment complex that eastbound Hwy. 290 travelers might see to the west as they enjoy that new short-cut to I-10. Sueba Development’s Residences at North Post Oak is going up at 1300 N. Post Oak Rd. a little north of Awty International School and a smidge south of the Hempstead Hwy. and the creaky remnants of Northwest Mall. This project is almost catty-corner to another Sueba development — the North Post Oak Lofts, at 1255 N. Post Oak, tucked away behind Prince’s Diner.

A two-story office building and warehouse complex was demolished in 2012 to make way for the project.



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    • Such a great area in terms of location; been neglected for a long time. Now, if some would tear down the mall, make a least part of a park to handle the nearby density, and perfection.

    • There is density nearby, but with the confluence of all the highways and lack of pedestrian infrastructure, except for the most intrepid cyclists, the people who would use a park replacing Northwest Mall would just be driving there.

    • I work in this area and there are lots of changes…this new development, North Post Oak Lofts, townhomes next to and behind Prince’s Diner, the helipad and (now) fenced and landscaped property at Westview and North Post Oak, and recent variance request for single family homes at southeast corner of W 12th and North Post Oak.

    • Northwest Mall currently sits in the approximate weighted geographic center of the Houston metro population area and the approximate weighted center of Houston metro employment. It is the sweet spot for transportation planners. HGAC and Metro have their eye on Northwest mall as the location for an intermodal transit facility. It is also likely to be the Houston Terminus of the Bullet train if if gets built.

    • @matx: Pedestrian infrastructure can be fixed, if there’s a will to do it. Instead of a park, it would make sense to turn the Northwest Mall into a big mixed-use development with condos, offices, ground floor retail. Especially if as Jardinero says, it becomes a major transit hub (which could be easily sited underground with the kind of money that would be thrown around for any bullet train project).

    • Christian – you are right, and there are sidewalks along North Post Oak but mainly seem to exist for people getting to and from work via Metro bus (you can add the apartment complexes now located along it, but i have yet to see any residents exit or enter by foot), sidewalks are nonexistent on Hempstead or along the 610 feeder (well, maybe they are there, but no one uses them). Along 18th there are sidewalks, but HISD headquarters and other business are already there surrounded by parking lots and Mangum is mainly fast food. It is a dreary landscape surrounding NW Mall for pedestrians even where sidewalks exist. A transit hub would make much more sense than a park.