Inside the Worst Stash House in Houston

INSIDE THE WORST STASH HOUSE IN HOUSTON 14714 Almeda School Rd., Orange Grove, Houston94 men, 14 women, and 2 elementary-school-age children were found yesterday deadbolted inside the 1,284-sq.-ft. house shown here at 14714 Almeda School Rd., just over the Houston border from Pearland. Police and ICE agents were sent to the scene a block and a half south of the South Belt after the mother of a pregnant woman trapped inside the house called authorities, claiming the men who smuggled her there refused to release anyone until they received more money, according to KHOU’s Malini Basu. Her teevee report doesn’t indicate how long the hostages had been held against their will inside the house, but does include harrowing descriptions of the conditions inside. The home had a single bathroom available for its 100-plus occupants — with a toilet that “partially” worked, according to an HPD spokesman — and no hot water. Feces were found “all over the house.” Outside on the home’s acre lot, more than 250 chickens were kept in coops. The hostages were turned over to immigration officials and taken away on a bus; 5 men were arrested. [KHOU] Photo: KHOU

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  • Secure our border. Now.

  • HCAD shows this is in unincorporated Harris County.

  • Let’s not rush to judgement. They were raising chickens, correct? And that’s a good thing, because store-bought eggs and chickens are just horrible. These folks were eating haute-cuisine, poultry-wise.

  • Why can’t this be a stash house for hot Swedish water polo players or geniuses from Japan–ugh

  • The house I live in used to be an illegal immigrant stash house. I have shallow carvings in the heart pine floors where people carved the places they came from. All along the baseboards so I can imagine how they sat lined up against the walls waiting for their contact to show up with their ransom. I found also a yellow pad behind a water heater with destinations all over the US and expenses. Almost every state and it appears someone was using heroin as the slang for that was listed. They did some damage because they let things slide not wanting to tell the landlord, who believed he’d rented to “contractors”.

  • 60% of illegal migrants are in the states because of overstaying their temporary work visas, primarily folks brought over here as cheap labor for farms. throw all the money you want at the border, but it’s not going to touch work visas for farmers or even come close to touching the main drivers of illegal immigration.

    considering we’ve decimated the power structures of most all central american governments by providing black market gangs with huge sums of american money due to an idiotic drug policy, i for one could care less. you reap what you sow and american dollars are funding both sides of the battle in keeping people out while driving them to come here.

  • Houston proud!! Thanks Republicans!! Thanks Democrats!!

  • Wow, Dana: Your post is the seed for a feature film. I think it’s time

  • joel: The problem is 2 fold: We don’t stop them at the border via an effective border / enforcement, and we don’t boot people caught overstaying their visas. I’ll concede the 60% number, however for some reason it’s looked at as bad / immoral to deport someone that’s caught being here illegally. Regardless of why they’re here or how they got here, we don’t seem to enforce the laws when they’re caught. So long as that’s the case, we’re going to have these problems.
    The solution would be to crack down heavily on people here ILLEGALLY, but at the same time realize that we need immigrants. So to offset new laws (or enforcement of existing laws) on being strict on ILLEGAL immigrates, we should heavily INCREASE the amount of LEGAL immigration we do.
    I’m not sure why such a policy would be ‘anti immigrant’ as increasing the # of legal immigration (so long as you’re forceful about illegal immigration) would result in a much higher chance of success — and better life — for those legal immigrants than if they were here illegally as they’d be part of the system vs in the shadows.
    I never understood why ‘pro immigrant’ people want to keep people here illegally vs. booting them and increasing the amount of legal immigrants. Instead, you just are automatically labeled a ‘bigot’ if you even hint at enforcing laws or borders.

  • Joel- “48.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.”