Is Something About To Go Down at the Upper Kirby Building on Bissonnet?

The arrival of chain link fencing outside the arched office complex at 2715 Bissonnet known as The Upper Kirby Building last week caught the attention of several Swamplot tipsters, who’ve sent in photos looking across the street at the new perimeter and the vacant scene beyond it. The image at top looks southwest to show the complex’s largest building, an L-shaped structure that fronts the central parking lot on 2 sides. In the second photo, you can see where that building abuts its neighbor, a smaller, rectangular structure that runs along the east side of the parking lot on its way out to the curb. Not depicted: a pair additional small 2-story buildings and their adjacent parking lots to the west, which take up the rest of the block ending at Wakeforest St.

An entity connected to Cornerbrook Development bought the whole 1.56-acre tract housing the 4 buildings last December and since then has filed a few permits to disconnect the plumbing, but it hasn’t laid a hand on the structures themselves yet. They all went up in late ’60s and early ’70s and — though currently vacant — recently played host to Montage Bridal, Synergy Day Spa, an Allstate insurance office, and an assortment of hairdressers.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

West U.

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  • Saw a backhoe there two hours ago

  • Cornerbrook Development and Cornerbrook Construction are George Kaleh, a home builder.

  • The favor office used to be there. I wonder what’s gonna go on (or up) with it?

  • It is a great site, but it is restricted. You can only go so high, thus it sat for decades as no developer wanted to pay a premium for a low density project. If anybody knows where Mr. K’s watch repair went, please let us all know – Jeff is the best in town for what is that he does. He was there for at least 15 years.

  • Agree with Fangus. Likely to be multiple townhomes like Cornerbrook development off Washington Ave. Property is adjacent to Marquis II at 2631 Bissonnet and diagonally across from the Coca Cola Bottling Plant property which is for sale.

  • Posted on Boulevard Oaks Nextdoor:
    Mr. K’s Watch Repair
    The new location is 4151 Southwest Freeway, Suite 730.
    Enter/exit from the Westpark side a little ways west of Weslayan, park in the garage and take the lobby elevator to the 7th floor. A bit more of a hassle but totally worth it.

  • …Mr. K has relocated to 4151 Southwest Freeway, Suite 700 but hasn’t re-opened yet.

  • My barber used to be in that monstrosity of a building. She also moved to 4151 Southwest Freeway. Hmmm…