It’s Bedtime at an Anna’s Linens Near You

IT’S BEDTIME AT AN ANNA’S LINENS NEAR YOU Anna's Linens, 8232-A Kirby Dr., HoustonAll 19 Houston-area Anna’s Linens stores — and the remaining 233 locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, for good measure — will be selling off their sheets, towels, and draperies and shutting down. The company had filed bankruptcy on June 14th, but hoped to sell the stores before a deadline last Friday. Instead, some going-out-of-business-sale conductors will be taking over operations, selling off all inventory and fixtures, and turning out the lights. [Home & Textiles Today, via Real Estate Bisnow] Photo of Anna’s Linens at 8232-A Kirby Dr., across from NRG Stadium and the Astrodome: Edgar V.

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    Seriously, the couple of times I went into one of these stores it felt like Fiesta and Bed, Bath, and Beyond had a love child.

  • More storefronts for new mattress stores – fewer storefronts selling bed linens. Hmmm. . .