It’s Hiring Time: Seeking an Editor To Lead Swamplot

Help WantedAre Houston’s peculiarities something you’re passionate about? Do you enjoy delving into this city’s neighborhoods, architecture, and strip-mall secrets? Would you like an editorial position that puts you in prime position to sift through, explore, and explain the latest happenings in the local real estate landscape? Would you enjoy interacting with a dedicated and highly engaged fan base of tipsters, readers, and commenters — as well as other site contributors?

Good news for you, then: Swamplot is looking for an editor!

This is the perfect gig for someone who can research, report, and write quickly and well; who’s attentive to detail, careful with facts, and has a good sense of humor; who can work independently but also bring out the best from collaborators in a small editorial team; and who can produce accurate and entertaining posts at a steady clip. We’re seeking someone who understands this site and how it works (or can come up to speed on that quickly) — but who also has the vision, ideas, and energy necessary to help Swamplot evolve into something better.

This is a full-time position; salary will be commensurate with experience. (If you are a real estate professional, though, this is not the job for you.)

Here’s how to apply:


Just send us an email with “Swamplot editor” in the subject line. Introduce yourself in a single paragraph and add another paragraph explaining why you’re interested in the job. Attach a resume and writing samples if you’ve got them on hand (but they aren’t required). If you’ve got a blog or Tumblr (or relevant Pinterest board, Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter account), go ahead and include links to them if you think that would help, and maybe point us to some highlights. If we’re interested in what we see, we’ll follow up quickly.

Photo: Flickr user DrPantzo [license]

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