Johnson Supply Building Beside Studemont Kroger Coming Down

More room for groceries? The building immediately north of the Studemont Kroger that used to house HVAC company Johnson Supply is being torn down. The top photo shows the building from Studemont; the bottom photo shows the progress — or regress? — of the demo as of noon today.


A rep from Johnson Supply tells Swamplot that the company had had a lease here through the end of 2013. But the property was sold in August, according to city records, to an entity called GC Studemont. Johnson Supply started moving to a Shepherd Dr. location at the end of last month, opening there on February 4. This building was 31,920 sq. ft., sitting on 62,805 sq. ft. of property that abuts the very rear of the Kroger parking lot and lies west of flooring manufacturer Tarkett’s industrial spread. Below: views of the building’s north face (with plenty o’ permits stuck on the doors) and parking lot, looking toward Downtown.

You can just make out in the photo above the Kroger logo on the gas station overhang. Below you can see what used to be the back of the building; that view looks north from the grocery store’s parking lot toward the Heights and the CBS Outdoors billboard building just south of I-10.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • I believe I read somewhere that apartments would be going there.

  • Looking at SOS filings, GC Studemont appears to belong to Gulf Coast Commercial Group ( Judging from their website, they hold/develop pad space around a couple of Krogers in town, among some other holdings. Unless they sell to someone else, I would expect to see the usual bank/fast food etc. development that you usually see and not apartments. I would definetly prefer the latter.

  • @John Of course more apartments will be going there! It seems like everywhere there is a spot of grass an apartment developer sees a 4-story box.

  • I hate to see this industrial area falling to the wrecking ball. I suppose it is inevitable. But there’s something charming about it. Is the Sunbeam bakery on Washington Ave still in operation? I can remember the smell of fresh-baked bread along that little stretch of the avenue.

  • I hope whatever it is blocks the view of that Kroger from I-10

  • It’s a McDonalds.

  • I think they’re building another grocery store.

  • As a frequenter of the area count me as one who is very glad to see the area changing from industrial to retail. Industrial would be better served closer to the ship channel. Bringing new retail to the area is the right kind of growth. Gives consumers more options, increases home values not to mention…and most importantly beautifies the city along our thoroughfares. (much needed)

    Change is good….

  • Are there any plans to connect Summer Street by Kroger through to Sawyer Street by the Target? It would sure be nice if they did this.

  • To be replaced by a McDonalds. Permits confirmed at COH.

  • Project No: 13102139
    Date : 2014/02/05 00:00:00
    Owner/Occupant : *MCDONALDS
    Job Address : 1510 STUDEMONT ST 77007
    Valuation : $ 800,000
    Permit Type : 13
    FCC Group : Non-Residential Alteration
    Buyer : *MCDONALD’S
    Address : 5707 F M 1910 77068
    Phone : (713) 780-7662