Up Pops the Studemont Kroger

“The thing went up in about two weeks,” writes the camera-toting bicyclist from the First Ward who sends us these photos of the new Kroger under construction at 1400 Studemont, just south of I-10. “I was hoping they would link it through to Target,” continues the tipster. “As all this industrial stuff redevelops in that area they are going to have to break up some of the super blocks or the traffic is going to be a mess.” As part of a “380” tax-reimbursement agreement approved by the city last year, Kroger promised to build a block of Summer St. behind the store (part of which is labeled Hicks St. on the plan shown here) to connect it through to Studemont. There’s also a tighter route:


“There is also a sidewalk connection from the bike path (which is how i got there) but it isn’t especially pedestrian friendly — it cuts through a little narrow corridor between two walls along the freeway on-ramp and then goes along the frontage road and Studewood and its only about 3 feet wide. Would have been nice to have a better connection from the pathway. . . . It is not in Kroger’s best monetary interests make a bigger sidewalk connection from the bike path but it would make the area function better and would be an improvement to the neighborhood at only minor cost.”

The Kroger gas station is going up at the north end of the property; a drive-thru pharmacy will be on the west side of the store.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • So, how long before it gets a nickname?

  • Those of us who commute by this site daily know that it didn’t “pop up” in “two weeks”.

  • Traffic. Nightmare.

  • WoW that looks so suburban.

  • Why Is It Here Kroger?

  • Kroger gas station?

    Is that a new direction for them or has it been that long since I’ve shopped Kroger….

  • The one on Voss and San Felipe has one, Pye, but I’m not sure there’s any inside the loop.

  • Party Kroger. It’s right next to Arne’s and across from Party Boy, plus it’s the Kroger closest to the Washinton corridor.

  • The I-hope-you-suck-less-than-11th-Street Kroger?

    The why-aren’t-you-an-HEB Kroger?

  • The Kroger at Shepherd and 11th has had gas pumps for several years.

  • No. Wash. Kroger.

  • @spoonman & @pye: The Kroger on 11th & Shepherd has a gas station. It is always slammed.

    I agree with Pone Tonie. This Kroger has not “popped up” in the last two weeks. The shell has been complete long enough that I assumed it would have already been open by now.

  • Oh gosh, the exterior is so architecturally challenged. What a crying shame for an inside the 610 loop structure.

  • Yeo – That is in the StudWash area.

  • At least with the Walmart 380, the City (allegedly) got the developers to use some old-timey looking brick and fru-fru up the design of the Walmart a bit. This is actually worse than some of the Kroger’s in the burbs. Yeah, yeah. I know. I forgot Houston’s development slogan: “It’s better than a brownfield!”

  • It kind of looks like another Super Wal-Mart! Gentrification hard at work.

  • This building is depressing compared to the Montrose Whole Foods and HEB. I preferred the abandoned lot, as at least it had some character. My only hope is that they plant tons of trees to mask this dreary and unimaginative building.

  • Did you see what it replaced? It’s not exactly like they tore down a historic district to build it. They tore down an ugly industrial thing.
    I assume they built it because all those Washington corridor folks need somewhere to shop. The demographics are probably right for Kroger because all those apartment dwellers and the people in those things that mowed down the old clapboard workers houses (single family residences that used to sit on 60×100 lots) surely won’t be able to afford Whole Paycheck for long.

  • I don’t don’t find the appearance to be any more distasteful than some of the faux Victorian homes in the Heights.

  • Yeah the Walmart being built in the area looks better then this.

  • It’s gotta be called “Broger,” right?

  • We have a Kroger gas station at Kirby & S. Main inside the loop. Spend $100 at Kroger and get 10 cents/gallon discount, or 3 cents off/gallon if less than $100. A Rx filled at Kroger pharmacy gets 50 points.

  • Given that the more money spent to make a grocery store “architecurally significant”, the higher the prices for the food sold inside of it, The bland exterior suits me just fine. Those complaining about it won’t be shopping in it anyway, as everyone knows that you aren’t hip unless you spent too much for your food. So y’all enjoy your Whole Foods and fancy HEB. Me and the underpaid secretaries will mingle in the bland Kroger.

    I may even ride my bike there.

  • 7,000 new units coming into midtown and montrose says this kroger is not going to lose money, no matter what the nickname or the bike path. Kroger is a second place to Whole Foods in margins and popularity, but I wish I could be 2nd place to WFM.

  • Rumor is the Kagan Realty owned warehouse located in front of the Kroger is going to become Multi-Family.

  • Looks like it belongs in hell hole Porter on the outskirts of Kingwood.

  • The Kroger at Preston & Red Bluff in Pasadena has a gas station also, as well as the Kroger on Ella and 43rd. (Although the gas station faces Ella and is a little further away from the store.And to the best of my knowledge is still unmanned so you can pay at the window.)

    To add to what Ann said: You can also use your Kroger points at Shell, although you can only get 10 cents off a gallon at Shell. Kroger lets you decide how you want to use your points.

  • I think #8 – mek ju – should win with “Party Kroger”

  • Where have all you people been for the last 12 years or so? Krogers out in the burbs have had gas stations for at least that long. Y’all need to get out more.

  • 2 comments, Kroger on Studement built as preventive measure against HEB taking the site.

    Relatives who moved to Houston 2 yrs ago love 11th St Kroger after 12 years shopping crowded, dirty, expensive groceries in NYC and Long Island City.

  • Ugh..meant to say that the Kroger Fuel station at 43rd & Ella is unmanned so you CAN’T pay with cash, only debit and credit. Too early in the day to be this ditzy.

  • Re: Kroger nicknames

    Given the sheer volume of beer ‘n wings that will inevitably thrown up in the parking lot most nights of the week, my vote is for Broger.

  • Incredibly bland, ugly, and suburban.

  • I’ve been calling it “Party Kroger” since the land was purchased. This Kroger cannot be landlocked by two different party supply stores and not be called Party Kroger. Further, I think it will correctly describe the WADD residents that will frequent the new location. There is no other suitable name.

  • They can’t connect Target and Kroger due to a lack of sufficient right-of-way.

  • I live in the area and have 7 grocery stores within ~2 miles – 3 Krogers within 2.2 miles (w grey, shep, & Stued.), a walmart, a super target, whole foods, and fiesta (soon to be shuttered) Is the area not over served? It’s a travesty that in lower income areas there are very few grocers/if any, forcing them to get their essentials at a heavily marked up price at the corner store.

    “Living in America – Eddie Murphy, eat your heart out” James Brown

  • The trail connection was put in as part of the extension of the I-10 feeders. You wanna gripe about the width (and I’ll agree, it’s narrow), call the Houston District and complain.

    But I speak from experience, it’s veeerrry hard to convince highway guys of the merits of a grass strip between the sidewalk and the curb. Most engineers look at a grass strip and see drainage issues. An integral curb and sidewalk is simpler to grade and will always drain properly. Granted, it’s a crappy pedestrian experience when traffic is going 60mph next to you. But Kroger had nothing to do with it.

  • Mel: It’s “Broger” because the guys that hang out at the bars on Washington are “dude-bros.” “Party Kroger” makes it sound like a place where one might have a party, but “Broger” describes the people who will be shopping there.

  • JP713: With so many areas under serviced by grocery stores, why don’t more open up there? They could make a killing!!!
    Something tells me these companies have done the research and for whatever reasons, they’ve concluded it wouldn’t be a good idea. Proof? The lack of stores. Converse, the influx of stores in ‘nice’ areas show that there is sufficient demand for them.
    If you think they’re wrong, perhaps you could own the market and do well.

  • Can’t people just happy about something? Having a shiny new grocery store is a nice thing.

  • Another ugly ass building. I’ll still drive to HEB Montrose from Washington; the building, the trees, even the parking lot make me happy to shop there; and the prices are better than Kroger for the things that I buy. I used to love Kroger, but the quality of almost everything has declined considerably, especially the meat and seafood departments. Good architecture is a good thing; and HEB continues to do it right. Kroger, not so much; and WalMart, well – nevermind.

  • Bros don’t grocery shop. Bros party. Party Kroger for the win.

  • You all need to quit your belly-achin’ over this building and the 11th street Kroger too. Go to the east end and check out the already aptly nick-named Kombat Kroger on Cullen, or Kroghettos on Telephone & Bellfort. They will make the ones you are bitchin’ about look like real prizes.

  • Wow. That is ugly. I’m not sure when big box stores started putting those fake sloped roof things above the entrances, but it actually makes the building all that much uglier. I guess it gives more room for the sign? Color scheme is certainly not a surprise. If they are going for cheap to supposedly deliver cheaper groceries, job well done. It wouldn’t cost much to make that building more aesthetically pleasing, though

  • @OkieEric, maybe it is aesthetically pleasing to the people who paid for the construction.

  • Definitely took longer than 2 weeks. I drive by it every.damn.day.

    What is really ticking me off is that residents in the Heights have asked the City to put in a traffic light somewhere around Euclid or Highland on Studewood. They say no because it will disrupt the flow of traffic. Never mind that dozens of Hogg Middle Schoolers and folks who take the bus are trying to cross Studewood just to get to home or work…
    Anyway, they are putting lights up to control the traffic to the Kroger, making 4 stops between Wash and 10. This area is all commercial/light industrial BUT we can’t get a light between White Oak and 11th because the City wants people to be able to fly through a neighborhood. Un-freaking-real.

  • Heights Life, have you taken the Studewood light request straight to Councilman Gonzales yet?

  • Yes, Cody. The invisible hand of the free-enterprise system that we live in has spoken. All is well. Go in peace.

  • Free market? Not really, they’re getting over $2.5M of our tax dollars to build.

  • @toasty: You just made me sob, because that’s my Kombat Kroger you linked to.

  • Jules, Do you not pick up on sarcasm well?

  • J – maybe you don’t do sarcasm well.

  • If only they had made it look more like that lovely Target on Sawyer . . . .

  • Also in Kroger’s hall of shame should be the location by the VA Med Ctr. Pretty sketchy inside, and a physician was shot out in the parking lot a few years back.

  • “Kombat Kroger” about made me lose it.

  • Wow who has ever heard of an UN aesthetically pleasing grocery store? & who really cared that much? Im voting Hungoger… Since I will only stop by if their coconut milk is cheaper (for my hang over of course) NOT. Not everyone in the area is a drunken apartment dweller. Some of us are normal people who wouldn’t mind a grocery store close to Washington. Doesn’t matter how ugly it is. If ours over priced don’t shop there. I’m just happy that it will possibly be a convenient place for gas and groceries… Not to mention sushi.

  • For all the disenfranchised, living from paycheck to paycheck, such as myself. I say,
    you better shop around.

    Circumvent all the traffic ensnared areas and grand openings right at rush hour and go
    to Foodarama. Pick one.

    My bet is on Ella and 18th St.