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  • Standing in line at the DMV or Jury Duty would be more interesting than some surburbanite driving around his suburbia life….glad I could fast forward it.

  • Joke is on me I guess…

  • Ditto! I kept thinking there would be some WOW ending.

  • Please take this down it is so stupid. The music is annoying as well….

  • Apparently none of y’all are Aurora Picture Show fans…

  • Okay, so I’m easily amused, but this was entertaining. :-)

  • I lived in Steeplechase on Yearling Circle for 12 years. It appears as boring now as it was then. Big snooze-fest on the video.
    Yes, you do need writers.

  • Damn. That was the setting for my whole HS life.

  • Ah, what a fantastic piece of art that truly captures the essence of suburban life. The sadness this artist creates as he drives past the endless strip malls and apartments shows the despair he feels towards the world around him. To further illustrate his point, he shows another highlight of suburban life, fast food, as he fills himself with sugars and trans fats from the neighborhood slop-house. But alas, there is no hope at the end of this. The artist and his female companion seem content in their way of life. Almost like a depressing version of “Super Size Me”, this artist’s next piece will most likely capture the decline his now healthy body will endure due to his reliance on the automobile and cheap food.

  • enjoyable. can’t wait for the next installation in the series. there is going to be a series, right?