Judge Emmett Says He’ll Reveal a ‘Major’ Proposal for Reusing the Astrodome Tomorrow

JUDGE EMMETT SAYS HE’LL REVEAL A ‘MAJOR’ PROPOSAL FOR REUSING THE ASTRODOME TOMORROW Astrodome Interior, HoustonFor a good while now, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett has been dropping hints about a new proposal to renovate the Astrodome. He’s set to reveal a few details about it tomorrow afternoon, after he holds a press conference set up in a “special little section” of the Astrodome made safe for media attendees. “Emmett has been in discussions with a series of elected officials, stakeholders and interested parties in recent weeks, laying out the general concept for an innovative reuse of the world’s first domed stadium,” a press release from the judge’s office declares. “All [the judge’s spokesperson] could tell me is that it’s ‘public use,’ tweets the Chronicle‘s Kiah Collier. [County Judge Ed Emmett; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Joe Stinebaker

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  • Why not just make it a continuous Monster Truck Jam venue?

  • Get the popcorn and cue the Dome Haters in 3…..2…….1…….

  • This is so silly. He has tried so hard to make this into political gold for himself. Instead, it may end up fools gold. This had better be good, “Judge”

  • Station for the Bullet Train to Dallas?

  • @DynamoChelsea – I’m not a dome hater, but I am a Harris County judge hater. The system is crooked, and everything the Commissioners Court touches is plagued with corruption, greed and scandal. Can’t wait to see the next flop revealed tomorrow.

  • This has been absurd for some time now. It almost makes me want to run for office and campaign on two single platforms. 1) Fix the inner loop roads ASAP and 2) Tear down the Dome.

  • Can someone enlighten me…. Did this judge happen to buy the dome? Why does he get to decide and hold some press Confrence. It’s like he’s steve jobs unveiling the new iPhone.
    Give me a break. Can someone tell me why this thing doesn’t get auctioned off? Let a new owner decide what’s financially best. Then the tax payers no longer have holding costs or demo costs or any worry about what to do next, who will pay for it, etc.

  • Dynamo: I’m curious: do you feel silly when you make some “get the popcorn, cue the….” Only to have that not happen?
    I don’t think many people are “dome haters”. I think there are a lot of people that don’t want to take on the huge cost to fix it up and don’t want to see it sit there and rot (with the costs of constant upkeep). That’s not “hating”. If someone wanted to put up the money to do something cool with the dome, not many people would object. The problem is the “put up the money” part.
    Saying “save the dome!” Costs nothing and is the easy thing to do but doesn’t result in anything.

  • He’ll prolly announce that they are repurposing it for WNBA and that he’s bringing back the Houston Comets….

  • Superdave: you’re just a Michael Berry parrot. Try thinking for yourself. I know that’s hard for the Michael Berry crowd.

  • What happened with the Texas Historic Commission and their meeting out in Alpine? I thought they were still not decided and things were in limbo until they do. So now it’s back in the County’s lap?
    I’ve a feeling there are some behind the scenes power struggles taking place.

  • Seriusly why does a Judges opinion on this matter? Does he have any actual authority on this matter (honest question)?

  • @MrEction: The Astrodome (originally named the Harris County Domed Stadium) is owned by Harris County. The chief executive officer of a Texas county is the county judge.

  • The Dome has become a gold mine for the judge – call him “Special Ed” Emmett, the guy is about the worst kind of political parasite. I wonders how much he pockets on every one of these Dome “deals” he presides over.
    I bet he(&his cronies) got the best of the Dome’s relics stashed away somewhere.

  • Hi markd:

    I am Judge Emmett’s communications director. I wonder if you might elucidate publicly for us here on your defamatory allegations of corruption and theft by Judge Emmett? I’m curious as to how you believe he “pockets” a single penny from the Astrodome. Or are you just hiding behind your anonymity to make libelous allegations against an honest public official?

  • Kinder Morgan is converting the light rail into freight to transport crude oil to the Dome, where it will be stored. It’s a done deal.

  • @ Joe Stinebaker: If you’re going to start something on here in your official capacity as speaking for Judge Ed Emmett, you should be aware that drawing official attention to what you perceive as a problem does not usually make that problem go away. Rather, it legitimizes a comment that any reasonable person could have discerned as rhetorically loaded and hyperbolistic and draws peoples’ attention to it. Rather than the pro-GOP echo chamber that is likely your usual social media feed, this is an environment stocked with a diverse audience; even if they don’t pounce on the opportunity to berate you and the Judge, they won’t forget that you’re being a dick to this guy. It reflects poorly on you and your employer.

  • Hey, Judge Emmett’s communications director reads Swamplot!

    Howdy, Joe! Say “hi” to the judge.

  • I think Judge Emmett is and has been overreaching. The way this is being handled is *laughable*. Also, lol @Joe Stinebaker. Seriously.
    An indoor park with no price proposal or estimate. FANTASTIC. Keep grasping at straws, Judge.

  • I’ve read, and worked with, Swamplot for a long time, but thanks for the primer there, Niche. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I like or tolerate anonymous cowards (see, that’s my real name there at the top!) And when someone accuses a man I respect and admire of corruption, I’m callin’ him out.

    Still waiting, markd.

  • Since you “read and work with Swamplot”, you should be aware that most people on Swamplot, including its proprietor, use pseudonyms. It wouldn’t be quite so prevalent but not for dicks (incl. political operatives) that throw around the terms “defamation” and “libel” all willy-nilly or interested parties that abuse, threaten to abuse, or infer a willingness to threaten to abuse the legal system to silence ordinary people.

    If you’re a true friend of Swamplot, I think that you should be backpedaling right now. A public apology to them on behalf of yourself and the man whom you respect and admire whom you have embarrassed would seem warranted.

  • By the way Joe, you should construe this as friendly advice.

    Although it is very easy to infer that cronyism is likely a problem from the handling of the Astrodome issue, and although I personally consider it to be an ethical lapse on the part of the Hon. Judge Ed Emmett, and although he has a dick for a communications man, I actually do like the guy. He seems at least competent, whereas I would expect that another judge should probably be at least as corruptible (again, whereas corruptability is defined according to my own personal ethos rather than the law, which has been written by corruptible people to serve corruptible people) and not as competent.

  • LOL, as always, Niche has a beautiful way with words. I love the way he writes. He can tear a person a new one and still be so nice and polite about it. He proves every time that one doesn’t have to spew profanities in order to make a point.

  • I’m thinking the Judge’s Communication Director could maybe find a bit more productive uses of his time. As a taxpayer and thus one of the many who contribute to his salary (I’m assuming the Judge doesn’t pay this man out of his pocket) I’m not thrilled that he’s spending his time pursuing Swamplot and weighing in so absurdly. So some annoymous commenter took a lame, laughable pot shot at the Judge; so what? My goodness, if the Judge is so thin skinned that he has this man trolling web sites looking for anonymous people libeling the judge, then we are all in trouble. I mean I’m flabbergasted that this man would use his real name and use the prestige of the County Judge to threaten some poor sod who’s probably some cyber nerd who lives with his mom and was just overzealous. Good grief, dude, I hope your boss knows what you’re doing.

  • @The Niche…..talk about being a dick…….

  • Niche:

    The speaker “implies”, the reader “infers.”

    You should construe this as friendly advice.

  • Not one to stick up for the Niche, but he used infer correctly.

    And, according to our friend Wikipedia: “The burden of proof in defamation actions is higher in the case of a public figure”. So good luck with the libel issue.

  • Joe Stinebaker, you look like a huge ass. Oooh, you’re sooooo brave coming here and posting under your real name! Step away from Swamplot and go do something productive with your time instead of trying to win an internet argument. I seriously can’t believe that the judge’s director of communications is actually here attempting to white knight his employer. Talk about ill-advised. Performance review time must be coming up.

  • AP Stylebook:
    “Writers or speakers imply in the words they use. A listener or reader infers something from the words.”
    As in no one implied a “willingness to use the legal system,” and none should have been inferred.

  • I take it back, Niche used infer right once and wrong once.

  • People can infer things that were never implied all day long.

  • I concede the misuse of the word “infer” rather than “imply” in one instance, but you have demonstrated that you nevertheless understood my meaning. That seems to be the important thing. That you’re pointing it out seems very petty. I agree with the others that have said that you’re wasting time here and doing a disservice to your employer.

  • hey Joe, I heard your boy on 610AM yesterday. LOL!