Katy Garage Apartment Floor Collapse Ends Celebration, Injures Dozens of Guests

KATY GARAGE APARTMENT FLOOR COLLAPSE ENDS CELEBRATION, INJURES DOZENS OF GUESTS Garage Apartment Collapse, Park Mill Ln. at Park Brush Ln., Memorial Parkway, Katy, TexasDozens of people were sent to area hospitals after the floor of an upstairs garage apartment collapsed this afternoon during a private religious ceremony attended by more than 100 people. The structure — in the back yard of a home on Park Mill Dr. near Park Brush Ln. just west of Memorial Parkway Junior High School in Katy — is still standing, but photos (at right) show the walls slightly bowed in spots and its siding popped out around the perimeter of what was once the second floor. According to reports, the apartment floor bowed, then fell onto the garage below. Three persons were reported to be in critical condition. [KHOU; Houston Chronicle] Photo: KHOU

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  • Well they should have known better, but I hope it wasn’t a bris!

  • Is that garage apartment zoned for that?

  • A lot of people don’t understand the concepts of load limits. 100 – 150 people on two floors, and they’re reporting loud music, so there was probably dancing. That means not just a “live load” of probably 50 or more people on a floor, but a load that might be jumping in rhythm, creating additional load as they all slam down at once.

    Building code is, I think, 40 psf. Google Earth shows that building is at most 500 SF. Assuming an average of 150 lbs per person, 50 people, that’s a stationary load of 15 psf. If they crammed more people up there (I could see 100 very cozy people, that gives them 5 sf per person), you’re up to 30 psf. Add in dancing, and/or a heavier-than-average weight, and even something built to code may not survive. And it’s possible that this was considered a sleeping area, where the load rating could have been down to 30 psf, or even worse, an attic or storage area, which only requires 20 psf.

    From the videos, it was an Indian Hindu celebration. They can get pretty energetic with the dancing, as my wedding ceremony proved.

  • It’s simple, they invited some friends, but Samosas showed up the floor simply couldn’t Curry the load, Naan can be blamed for this. ;)

  • first, they were not hindus. they are Jains. second, it was a religious ceremony as denoted by the presence of the statues, so there is no dancing. if you really had a hindu wedding, then you would know, the ceremony usually involves sitting around while a priest chants in sandskrit, also generally done outside because of the large fire. the dancing is done at the dinner and dinners almost always done at a hotel if the family has any money.

    i have been to several ceremonies and dozens of dinners. dinners are also generally done in the evening on either a friday or saturday night. not during the middle of the day on a thursday…

  • Tragic incident, but is it wrong for me to get a chuckle out of the bris comment?

  • My guess is that the Jains weighed in at more than 150 lbs. each.

  • It’s really sad, but I’m surprised that people who live in the apartment, not the house, the apartment behind the house, would invite 100+ people over.
    They could have rented a small hall or something.
    I hope the survivors are okay and don’t sue the homeowner!

  • Is it time to evacuate Katy?

  • My assumption was that the homeowner was just using his garage area for the party (plus a tent, apparently). Makes sense to not use your main house for a large daytime party, if you can avoid it. Seems there were some “crashers” too…..

  • I would like to see what the centers on those floor joists were. That’s at least 18-20 feet to accommodate a 16 foot door and the 2×4 top plates. Pretty sure that’s #3 yp with knots bigger than your knees.