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  • Depressing

  • Think it used to keep the carpet tamped down.

  • Sweet Jesus! That orange paint. And those god awful curtains. Did they think that putting that meat tenderizer, (is that what is?) on the floor was going to help?

  • Okay, I actually read the listing. Says the house is a short sell and “needs remodeling.” No, really? The house also boasts a swimming pool with murky, no doubt mosquito infested standing water, dead grass and interior paint colors that would make a color blind decorator proud. The house is listed “As is” for $125,000. I won’t even begin to guess how much it would cost to get it habitable, up to code and aesthetically pleasing. Good luck realtor lady. Better plant some four leaf clovers in that wasteland of a yard.

  • Franchesca (that’s the prior owner’s name) picked all of those lovely colors herself. Doesn’t it fit?

  • I guess they couldn’t afford a faux John Thomas for the bathroom.

  • By the sheets across windows, it looks as though squatters have been living there.
    Is that a big problem with empty real estate?

  • Hey. I know. why dont you make fun of the previous owner that lost her house. that would be in great taste! kick’em while they are down! even better…maybe she reads swamplot and will realize her foolish mistakes!

  • Y’all can joke all you want about the paint. It looks like a lot of house for the money to me. Replace the carpet; repaint; fill in the pool; touch up the kitchen; add some mini blinds and cut the grass and you’ve got a big house (5 beds – 3.5 baths – 2,721 SF) with a huge yard (17, 268 SF) for a very affordable price.

  • @Bernard:

    Maybe so, but it’ll probably need a complete kitchen makeover. I didn’t see any appliances at all. That could be major bucks. Also, there were no photos of the bathroom(s). Who knows what needs to be done there.

    I’m of the belief that even a short sale would take into consideration the needed repairs and upgrades. The bank isn’t giving it away because they are nice guys.

    Was there a mention of air conditioning? Likely that’ll need repair.

    I agree though, it looks like a lot of house for the money. If a person has another couple hundred thou to throw at it.

  • About $75,000 to $100,000 is what it would take to get this house in top shape.

  • “If a person has another couple hundred thou to throw at it.”

    Laughable – a couple hundred thou could build a twin of this house.

  • Maybe I have higher standards.

    I just know what it’s costing us to renovate the old farm house several counties to the west of Houston.

  • I’m sure the previous tennants were great neighbors.