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  • What a terrifying storage solution – suspend glass objects by a thin beam of glass in a way that somebody could just walk right into it.

  • You can always tell who really understands wine and those that just drink it. Why on earth, in Houston weather would you leave your wine just sitting out, let alone upside down.

  • I’ve read somewhere that storing the bottles like that is an acceptable option, it keeps the cork moist with less chance of dying out and letting air in. Of course since the house is in Katy then all those wines are probably twist top 3 buck chuck anyway.

  • No, people in Katy can overspend for wine just like everyone else.

  • commonsense, not until the TJ opens later this year.

  • I guffawed when I saw this picture.
    Then I felt sad for the lovely pendant: I want to rescue you!

  • So quick to judge someone in Katy, yet none of you actually know what you’re looking it. It’s designed to display empty bottles.

    But I’m sure everyone ITL already knew that.