Kipling Street Academy Taking Over Shepherd Dr. Church

Montrose preschool Kipling Street Academy has purchased a 1-acre lot at the corner of Shepherd Dr. and Blossom, where it plans to open a “sister school” to its main (and recently expanded) tiny-tot campus at the corner of Kipling and Mulberry. The 600 Shepherd Dr. address in Magnolia Grove belongs to the former Shepherd Drive Methodist Church; the 1955 church building on the site is currently home to Center Street Ministries. An email sent to parents of Kipling kids indicates that construction on its new facility across the street from the Kicks indoor-soccer complex will begin early next year, and that the new school is scheduled to open next fall — but doesn’t specify whether or how much of the existing buildings on the lot will be retained.

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  • If I’m not mistaken, a new private middle school was looking at this location very recently.

  • i worked in this building a few years ago (when it was owned by/had affiliation with memorial drive united methodist church)

    Bad plumbing and ineffective a/c were among its problems, but i hope they dont tear it down.

  • The new campus will go up to grade 5. My wife and I are very happy to hear this, as we think there is a shortage of secular private schools inside the loop.

    The existing Shepherd St. buildings are in pretty poor shape, so here’s hoping they flatten everything and go for a modern style like the Kipling St. school.

  • This is the church I joined in 1938 but started attending in 1935. I now belong to another Methodist Church but have supported and attended special events there until it was closed by Memorial Drive United Methodist Church who had taken it on as an extention of ministry to revive and give it new life. I had high hopes the sanctuary would not be demolished but of course that is gone. I am delighted to know it will be used for the education of children. I thought the location was perfect for a Day dare for the working residents with children living in the area.

    I will keep my eye on it root for it’s success but past wonderful memories of that precious church will remain in my heart when I’m long gone.