Leaving the Lights On in a $2 Million Montrose Manor

Dating to 1913, this very white Colonial has been given extensive renovations both inside and out that have lent the place a certain glow. Listed earlier this week at $1.95 million, the 5,700-sq.-ft. home stands in Montrose at the corner of Sul Ross and Brandt, providing highwayside views of U.S. 59.


The porch’s columns prepare you for the grandness of a 4-bedroom, 3-bath interior whose original hardwood floors have been returned to grandness, creating seamless runways for room-to-room sock-sliding:

The chandelier-motif continues in the bathrooms:

With rooms and rooms and views and views upstairs:

The master bathroom leads to a sartorial master’s closet:

The kitchen:

And a basement (with what appears to be direct sewer access):

Photos: HAR

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  • I think this house is beautiful, and I enjoy driving by it. But I really hate, hate, hate the location.

    I actually thought that this was a formal office or something related to historical preservation. It would be a nice property for events.

    Ahhh, who am I kidding. 59 just kills this for me.

  • Sweet. But location, location, location. Altho I do enjoy looking @ it as I drive on 59. :-)

  • I used to rent in a duplex across the street from this house several years ago. I am so thrilled that it’s finally gotten some love!

    Fronting on the Spur isn’t really that bad, at least it wasn’t two houses down when I lived there.

    This would make a gorgeous event space. I could easily see weddings on this property.

  • House and the location is great. The price is just way too high.

  • How difficult would it be for the city to allow the planting of a wall of trees on the trangular lot immediately across from the house? That is, assuming that it is not privately owned.

  • Those of us who live in First Montrose Commons Historic District are so grateful to Pam and Ross for restoring this elegant home. There are three homes in that square block that have been restored by new owners. The house may face 59, but it’s in a wonderful neighborhood with wonderful neighbors. It’s a protected Historic District and demolition is prohibited in almost all instances. This house had not been cared for for many years, but was still considered livable and just look at it now. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • @Rodrigo I like this idea. If something could be planted, I can definitely see this being a nice place for events and/or home. I just can’t reconcile this first row seat to the grandeur and noise of 59.

  • This is one of a few mansions located in the First Montrose Commons Historic District. They do make great offices or event venues.

  • That eastern section of First Montrose Commons has been coming back with some spectacular restorations. I’ve been to a few events at the nearby Hofheinz House ( http://www.hofheinzhouse.com/ ). It is an elegant oasis of calm — nary a sound from the Spur.

  • Isn’t that hole in the basement floor a sump pump? Do Houstonians even know about those? Although I’d expect to find one in a back corner somewhere, not right out in the middle of the room.

  • I was just looking at this listing on HAR and thought it had just the right mix to be on Swamplot — and here it is. What a fantastic renovation. The asking price nips at the upper middle ballpark for Courtland Place, which seems more ideal for the money if one in this range was available.

  • > Isn’t that hole in the basement floor a
    > sump pump?

    I think you’re probably right, though it would take a mighty pump to pump a sump in Houston. Sorry… read “One Fish Two Fish” to my daughter last night.

    But wait a minute… no mention in the listing of the massive radio antenna on the roof? Don’t tell me they took it down. Preservation my arse.

    The listing also makes no mention of the johns being serviced in their cars parked on Brandt St. Sigh… sometimes I miss the view from the ol’ apartment balcony at 230 W Alabama. Never a dull moment…

  • Given what it looked like before the renovation you have to wonder how much the renovation cost which may explain the price which is probably way out of the market value but you never konw. There aren’t that many of these older mansions remaining in Montrose. Price is always determined by a willing buyer. Despite the freeway it’s actually very quiet with little traffic even in the evening when many use the feeder to get to Richomond or to access 59. And it is commanding. It was commanding even when it looked like it was about to collapse.

  • Beautiful home! Modern furnishings would look perfect throughout!

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What an awesome renovation!

  • Price is way too high for that location…..some one is trying to make a bundle…..good luck

  • Fabulous old home saved from the
    wrecking ball.

    If you do not like Montrose, live somewhere

    Historian for FMC

  • Really tasteful renovation. Terrific work.

  • Love the black and white kitchen.

    Curious about the lack of mirrors over both bathroom sinks though.

  • I love the dove gray trim against the dark wood floors. The house looked so hopeless when I drove past a couple years ago — the transformation is really stunning. I hope they are rewarded with a buyer who is piqued by the juxtaposition, and that they do make a bundle.
    Thanks, swamplot, for a story with a happy ending.

  • Thank you for showing/including. I live in the neighbor and often wondered how its interior looked. Nicely done.

  • Been watching this for months, I was hoping to see the inside some time.

    There’s no mention of what appears to be a huge garage apartment in the back! Someone needs to get details on it!

  • Jordan, I stopped by this house on Sunday, and noticed the garage apartment. I’m not a good judge of square footage, but it’s visible in Google’s aerial images if anyone wants to have ago.

    Patrick, the antenna has indeed come down. I wonder if the previous owner was a ham radio operator, it looked big for a TV antenna.

  • Does this house remind anyone else of “American Horror Story: Murderhouse?” This seems like it would be an updated Houston version…

  • What? No chandelier in the kitchen?
    Holy collection of light fixtures!

  • HAR says the place sold in June. Does anyone know what they’re doing with it?

  • The buyers are using it as a primary residence. They are very interested in historic preservation. They would like to have the house placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Information and pictures of the past life of the house are needed. If anyone out there has any information or photos of the past life of the house, please write. Thanks.