Let Next Level’s Video Game Venue Begin in Fast Traffic’s Midtown Garage and Apartment on Austin St.

Now gunning for Fast Traffic Auto Workshop’s garage and adjoining apartment on Austin St.: Next Level, Houston’s second planned but not-yet-open eSports venue. Following the auto shop owner’s retirement, the competitive videogaming hub has plans to stock the place with virtual reality gaming rigs, 40 PC setups, and a dozen or more gaming consoles — all of which will plug in somewhere between a planned competition stage, full bar, and “custom tabletop gaming tables” for lower-tech games.

The photo at top views the corner of the garage from McIlhenny St. It occupies the northeast spot on the Austin St. block where a foursome of bars plans to move in, next to the strip building at 2404 that CORE Church Midtown recently departed:


So far, Next Level’s owners — who describe themselves as “lifelong gamers with regular day jobs” — have scrounged up $275,000 for the redo, reports the HBJ‘s Cara Smith. A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is targeting $65,000 more, although its current yield is down at $610.

The entrance to the garage is on McIlhenny:

Its west wall opens onto a fenced-off lot of about 8 parking spaces . . .

fronting the same northern street.

The rest of the building includes a 2-story apartment:

Its front door neighbors CORE church’s abandoned parking lot on Austin:

The upstairs is mostly empty:

Except for this office . . .

and break room:

Photos: LoopNet

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  • Thanks for the pictures of the interior. I had no idea that this buildings had these amenities.
    For an auto repair place, this one was pretty cool. The other day I saw a cherry red ’59 Cadillac convertible in the garage, along with a 1930’s car covered with a tarp (perhaps the Model A Ford seen in one of the photos).
    I wonder what sort of crowd a gaming room will attract; I’m guessing it’ll be a bit different from the video game arcades of the ’80s.

  • Go Austin St! :)