Live! Nude! Somewhere on the Roof!

Is it sweeps week already? Or did the La Maison at River Oaks just step up its marketing game? 11 News reporter Courtney Zubowski corrals the KHOU newschopper to provide some “over the top” coverage of that clothing-optional sundeck on the roof of the French Quarter-themed apartment complex at 2727 Revere St., south of Westheimer. Alas, no one is taking advantage of the facility when she shows up, and judging from the aerial shots used in the report, neither camera operator nor editor seem to know exactly where the thing is.

A Swamplot reader throws out some more theories:


A couple of thoughts came to mind:

1. I bet they can see this roof from 2727 Kirby.

2. This is a ploy by 2727 Kirby to sell more units.

Graphic and photo: La Maison at River Oaks

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  • I used to live in the Oak Lane Apartments that were torn down to build this complex. It was a fun place to live. I probably would still be there and not have bought a home if the complex wasn’t torn down.

  • I’ll bet Wayne Dolcefino would’ve found the right roof.

  • Most people who use clothing-optional places are not the kind of people that you really want to see in a clothing-optional state.

  • Maybe 2727 Kirby should offer a clothing-optional sundeck. Or offer a “peeping tom” special on the east side units.

  • It is neither sweeps week or any new marketing tool. As someone who has been involved in the construction of the project, this was in the plans from the beginning.

  • Been there all along,

    I, for one, would love to know what kind of demographic research was done which led to including the clothing optional area in this development. I think it’s great. But, I’m interested in how the decision was made considering the words “clothing optional area” and “Houston” don’t seem to mesh much outside of the realm of strip clubs.

  • Maybe it was heavily marketed to Europeans?

  • “Random Poster” is absolutely correct in his/her observation. Typically, those who choose to “opt out” of clothing are exactly the folks who should always be clothed.

  • Wilf,

    Unfortunately, I cannot speak to the origin of the area. I can only tell you that when the plans came out of design, this area was planned. I, too, am curious as to how this was conceptualized during the design process, but wasn’t really ever afforded the opportunity to ask.

    Perhaps, you’re on to something with the strip club thought…the owner and architect are both from Dallas…could be that’s their view of Houstonians. :)

  • Seems pretty obvious that they want a bunch of horny guys with some disposable income thinking they will get to see some bodcious ta-tas. The tit1llation factor alone should get a few leases signed.