Local Victims of the Nationwide Sam’s Club Closings: South Loop, Eldridge Pkwy., New Caney

LOCAL VICTIMS OF THE NATIONWIDE SAM’S CLUB CLOSINGS: SOUTH LOOP, ELDRIDGE PKWY., NEW CANEY The Sam’s Club that serves as the terminus of Metro’s red line closed abruptly today along with one other Houston store in the shopping center on Westheimer at Eldridge Pkwy., and one in New Caney. The South Loop store occupies a 14-acre parcel of land west of the AutoNation car dealership and north of the Fanin South Metro stop. Opened last year, the New Caney store was the newest of the 3 to close. The shut downs come as part of 63 nationwide that parent company Walmart announced today. 11 stores are still open across the Houston area. [KHOU] Photo: Jason Miles

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  • To be fair, some of the Sam’s club closures are for the purpose of making the stores into online-order fulfillment centers.

  • There is merit to anon22’s comment but the net effect is still most of the stores will be shuttered and up to 10,000 people thrown out of work. Even a generous internal job transfer program may save half (?) but that still is 5,000 people out of work.
    I’m still a little surprised by the South Loop store closing – though, the arrival of the newer Sam’s Club at Westpark/South Rice may have drained all of the preferred clientele away from the South Loop store and tipped it into the closure list.

  • What’s the status of the store that was supposed to be built on Montrose across from Krogers? I assume it will not be built now.

  • @Mitchell, do you mean across Studemont up by the freeway, where the Grocer’s Supply warehouses used to be? The space across from the Kroger on Montrose (the Kro-Gay) is a Walgreens, and it’s not going anywhere.