Looks Like 85˙C Bakery Cafe Will Open Up in That Ex-Bank Spot by 99 Ranch Market on Blalock, Too

Blalock Market at I-10 and Blalock Rd., Spring Branch, Houston, 77055former East West Bank at 1027 Blalock Rd. B0A, Spring Branch, Houston, 77055A branch of Taiwanese pastry chain 85˚C Bakery Cafe looks to be headed to the strip center endspot right next to the 99 Ranch Market at the intersection of Blalock Rd. and I-10. A permit to remodel the former East West Bank branch into a bakery was issued in December; Weingarten now has the shop listed in on its own leasing materials for the strip center (marked down for the spot closest to the grocery store, in the siteplan above).

Meanwhile, Eater Houston’s Amy McCarthy made note of a note of a coming soon banner for the chain over somewhere over in Chinatown this morning; the company has also been posting job listings since last fall for Houston-area warehouse positions, so multiple stores could well be in the works.

Images: Weingarten Realty (top); CBRE (bottom)

Spring Branch Branches

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  • Swamplot – I suggest a category for the next edition of the “Swampies” to include the “Parking Lot Version Of Hell” and nominate this center. It’s worse than the Galleria garages at Christmas.

  • Why do you think Fiesta bailed out when the freeway took a goodly share of the parking spaces?

  • What is weingarten actually going to do with this shopping center now that spring branch is blowing up? Super H Mart is supposed to be better than ranch 99.

  • Kinda of late to open at 10am for coffee ,most have already made it to work and would of fried earlier time