Packing Them in at the 99 Ranch

Former Fiesta Mart at I-10 and Blalock, HoustonFiesta Mart closed its I-10 and Blalock location when the Katy Freeway was expanded because too much of its parking got eaten up by the wider freeway. So how is the new 99 Ranch Market going into that space going to deal with the parking problem?

Suzanne Anderson, a regional leasing director with Weingarten, says the parking lot will be restriped to maximize the number of available parking spaces.

“We’re going to have to re-lay out the parking,” she says. “It’s still going to be under what the typical grocery store might have.”

99 Ranch Market is owned by Tawa Supermarket and is the largest Asian American supermarket chain, with 25 stores in California. The 84,000-sq.-ft. store opening on Blalock next summer will be the company’s first store in Texas.

Photo of former Fiesta Mart at 1005 Blalock: Weingarten Realty

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  • And I’m sure they got a healthy discount on the lease for the reduced parking also. This is a smart move for 99 Ranch. They are a huge player in the California Asian grocery market. By doing this they are following the migration trends of Vietnamese Americans who have been coming here from the LA basin over the past few years.,0,6906841.story

    It’ll save me a few miles on my grovery run too, no need to go all the way out to Hong Kong Supermarket.

  • Its a Chinese grocery store, not a Vietnamese grocery store. It follows the trends of Chinese migrating from all over the US.
    I hope it doesn’t get hijack again like what happen to Hong Kong city mall, which is so not Hong Kong at all. They might as well call it Saigon city mall.

  • I guess they are going to make the parking spaces more narrow or require everyone to have a sub-compact car.

    Expect plenty of door dings on your larger cars.

    No thanks.