Losing a Mint, Plus Helpful Subway Guides You To Your Next Strip-Center Sandwich Fix

Houston radio host and blogger Lance Zierlein snaps photos of the lockout letters on two separate storefronts in the Shops on Sage strip center at 2800 Sage, on the corner of West Alabama. The notices, demanding that delinquent rent be paid before the stores can be reopened, were apparently posted by center managers Hunington Properties last Wednesday.

Who’s locked out? Lebanese restaurant Mint Cafe . . . and a Quiznos, which Zierlein reports on Twitter is already vacant.

But . . . what’s this? Someone from the nearby Subway in the Yorktown Plaza shopping center on W. Alabama has been kind enough to post a menu on the Quiznos door, with this pertinent Subway tagline featured prominently: “At Subway restaurants, we have your fresh interests at heart.” Plus, a handwritten invitation to visit!

Zierlein’s line: “Subway vultures picking over the carcass.”

Photo: Lance Zierlein

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  • Nooooo! The family running Mint is composed of the sweetest people ever. I miss their chicken shwarma and minted limeade already.

  • They should have paid there rent or you should have eaten more shwarma!

    The tactic of the Subway owner is quite smart!

  • The tactic of the Subway owner is quite smart!

    I think it’s kind of tacky and I would never eat at Subway again as a result but since I never did it’s a moot point.

  • Matt,

    You do know that this is the tactic of an individual Subway and not the entire chain. The company that owns Subway really doesn’t own any restaurants except for the name. Small “local” businessmen and women own each Subway through franchise.

    The same thing goes for the Quiznos. At most this is just competition among local restaurants.

  • That is so wrong! LOL and slightly funny..!

  • We tried to eat at that Quiznos once, but they closed 10 minutes before the posted closing time. There was someone standing right inside cleaning up and he literally ignored our attempts to enter the locked facility. I am not at all surprised that it is now shut down! Quiznos in general have been on a downhill slope for the last several months in my opinion. It used to be one of my favorite dining selections and I would often visit at least twice a week, that is, until they stopped seasoning the chicken and started making the bread smaller. Good luck to Subway.

  • Come on Matt, if anything it’s good customer service on Subway’s part by providing an alternative. It certainly isn’t going to have a negative impact on the CLOSED Quiznos!

    Overall, I’m just glad I’m not in the restaurant business – especially now. Those people have some serious stamina.

  • Quiznos is done. The “put it in me Scott” ads were the beginning of the end.

  • If each Subway is individually owned, why do they all have that same weird smell? You could walk me into a Subway blindfolded in Colorado and I could nail it. Ick.

  • Hello guys,

    Mint Cafe will OPEN next week with new managment and new look. You should come and try our new menu.

    Hope to see you all soon!