Lost Mod in Bunker Hill Village, $800K

Note: Update below.

The hip roof on this 1958 modern home in Knippwood is only 7 years old, but whether it had a different shape originally isn’t clear from the outside photos — they stand back from the building on its 17,120-sq.-ft. lot. There’s no seller disclosure available, and the place is being sold “as is.” What will you find inside?


There’s plenty of original paneling and brick left in the 2,752-sq.-ft. home, but some of the floors look newer:

Four bedrooms, 2 baths in all. Just listed at $799,000.

Update, 6:08 pm: Photographer Ben Hill, who interviewed the home’s original owner and has spoken to neighbors, says the house originally was a flat-roofed mod designed by architect John Larson: “He was partners with Magruder Wingfield at the time, I think. The house was built for a Mr. J Quisenberry. Larson did a steel and glass pavilion on Briar Hollow Lane that’s since been demolished, and a modish farmhouse on Bylane in Memorial that’s owned by a Houston Mod member. Most of Knippwood had some pretty cool modern houses until recently.”

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