Low-Income Veterans’ Housing in Bridgeland

LOW-INCOME VETERANS’ HOUSING IN BRIDGELAND U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates presented the keys to a new lakeside cul-de-sac home in Bridgeland yesterday to Purple Heart recipient Capt. Daniel Moran, USMC (Ret.). Moran, who was severely injured twice while on duty in Iraq, qualified for a low-cost housing program for disabled veterans administered by HelpingaHero.org. “The new 3,300-square-foot home was funded by the Strake Foundation, Rex and Marilyn King and the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. Perry Homes built it with special accommodations for Moran’s physical condition. It features tinted windows, a high-efficiency air conditioner and heating system and other enhanced temperature-control measures because Moran is no longer able to control his body temperature. The lot was selected to allow the least amount of direct sunlight into the home. The house also includes an extended covered porch to allow him to spend time outdoors with his two children, Trey 4, and Macy, 2, without direct sun exposure.” [DefenseLink]

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  • A hole low income veteran’s community is being planned currently along Lake Houston. I think it’s called Patriots on the Lake.

    Picture a Floridian subdivision of geriatrics in Houston. Talk about stories you could get out of a place like that.

  • Thank you for writing about my side of town! :D

  • The injured Vets coming home (& there’ll be so many more) do need special accommodations and it’s great to know they are being taken care of. I suppose veterans might like to ‘flock together,’ so to speak, and form the core of a neighborhood. Imagine: Being in the minority because you’re NOT in a wheelchair. Bring it on!
    In fact, some of those OSW homes being scraped would suffice very well for a needy individual – the cabinetry and baths need updating anyway…

    @kjb434: You mean “whole low income community” not “hole!” I’m laughing WITH you :-)

  • Holy Crap!

    That’s what happens when you type fast.