What About the Cushions?

WHAT ABOUT THE CUSHIONS? “At 510 Shepherd, the old Cue and Cushion Pool Hall has been sold and is seeing some major changes. The billiards tables are gone and a dining room is under construction. The new place will be Cue Restaurant. Though unconfirmed, the on-site rumor is that it will be a New York style deli – something like Katz’s or Kenny and Ziggy’s, I am told.” Also, photos of the future locations of BRC Gastro Pub across the street and Burgerzilla in the Heights. [Fred Eats Houston; previously on Swamplot]

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  • Great!

    At least there are more places to eat at while avoiding the douchebag bars on Washington.

    The bars charge way to much for non premium liquor such as Absolut. $8-9 for vodka anything is a waste.

  • Awww! That’s a shame! Loved their billiard-ball 5-10 address graphic. Oh well, that’s the free market for you, I guess.

  • We used to call that place The Spew and Pushin’. Now we’ll have to call the new place The Spew Restaurant. Hmmm… that doesn’t have a very nice ring to it, does it?

  • eeewww! enough with the spewing!
    Why even keep the name “Cue?”

  • With the charcuterie I’m thinking cue as in BBQ.