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  • OMG this pic is soooo wrong!
    That’s CG furniture (and pendant light) chucked into a photo that’s already stretched in depth.
    Seems a prospective buyer would be annoyed to find that only a tiny café set, and not a table for 8, will fit in that nook and still allow the doors to open.

  • That home is very realistically virtually staged. It took a lot of pictures before I realized it was too perfect. Nice renovation inside. I would have made the exterior paint less dark given some variety to accent the architectural features, but this is really nice for a house with a stables.

  • Too much grey! Come on now decorators. Liven this place up with some color! Smaller table for the breakfast room. The dining room needs to seat 8, not the breakfast room. And get rid of those 2 trees in the arena. Might be ok for just letting horses out of their stalls, but they are in the way for any real training of a horse.

  • Why is this legal?

  • Wow, those two doors in that picture are 5′-0″!

  • @Realtor Shamer,
    I think it shouldn’t be legal. I couldn’t doctor my used car pics to make a 1996 look like a 2013 model, for example. Or add cool rims. Or change the color.