Mandell Montrose Leasing Office Shutters Next to Vacant Lot Where Midrise Hasn’t Risen

The sales center for the not-yet-built Mandell Montrose condo slated for Fairview St. is now closed, and a representative of its sales team tells Swamplot that the developer has no plans to reopen it. Since the building’s abandonment, signage outside the converted Hyde Park residence taken over by the agents has adopted a lower position than it previously held on the structure, pictured above.

And in the neighboring 12,493-sq.-ft. lot on the corner of Fairview and Commonwealth streets — where Midtown Uptown Development Partners planned a 7-story, 24-unit midrise to overtop the surrounding neighborhood — the tallest structures are still the signs stuck up there just over a year ago:


Since then, some of them have been annotated:

The last condo midrise to get cancelled on this particular parcel at 2312 Commonwealth St. was the Flats on Fairview, canned by its developers in 2015.

Fairview and Commonwealth

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  • The price they want is too great for what they wanted to build. There is a 18 month townhome project a block to the north going on its 4th year, and still isn’t finished. Those are priced in the 800s. Not to mention the rehabbed condos two blocks south that aren’t sold and priced much lower.

  • YaY!!!!! We are all highrised out!!!!!!!!

  • How many people are going to buy an 800,000.00 condo? Or rent one?