Dairy Ashford H-E-B Getting Axed Next Month

DAIRY ASHFORD H-E-B GETTING AXED NEXT MONTH H-E-B store number 471 in the Memorial Dr. strip at Dairy Ashford will close to the public next month, Nancy Sarnoff reports, but it’ll remain filled with food items. The company plans to turn it into a warehouse for its home delivery and curbside pickup services. The mini-store has been understocked relative to other H-E-Bs — and no matter how you slice up its 28,000 sq.-ft., “There just isn’t enough space to fit everything that you would be looking for,” company prez Scott McClelland said on Facebook yesterday. Its nearest regular-sized backup H-E-B: the standalone one nearly triple its size on Westheimer and S. Kirkwood, just under 3 miles away. [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Weingarten Realty

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  • This may be the only location in Houston where a Randalls out-competed an H-E-B. I’m sure they’ll be back with a vengance, though—Memorial is too wealthy an area to pass up.

  • I live fairly close to this store and I used to go to it all the time. It is a shame that it is closing so they will be losing my business. I won’t be driving 3 miles away to go to an HEB when Randalls is just across the street.

  • They have a Kroger by there as well looks like they won too