Midsummer Books: 8 Feet Is Enough

MIDSUMMER BOOKS: 8 FEET IS ENOUGH This fall was the final season for Midsummer Books, near the Strand in Galveston: “‘All those shops and restaurants on Strand, Mechanic and Postoffice were hit bad, and Midsummer Books got 8 ft of muddy water which soaked and ruined everything, books, furniture, computer equipment, etc.,’ owner Tim Thompson says by e-mail. ‘Luckily I have flood insurance so I will most likely get compensated for the loss. However, this is one of those times in life where tough decisions have to be made and for a variety of reasons I have decided not to ressurect Midsummer Books,’ he says.” [Hair Balls]

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  • That’s unfortunate. That is perhaps the only bookstore worth going to south of the Beltway (excluding any chain places near Baybrook etc). Perhaps he can stomach opening somewhere less “flood prone” in Houston – if such a place exists?

  • i am very disappointed to have of heard that sadly this store has closed. I had only gone a dozen times and I enjoyed every visit. I really do hate to go to one of those chain places.