Midtown’s Central Square Plaza Wants You To Know It’s Available

What’s this? Near the intersection of W. Gray and Milam, a for-sale sign has popped up on the Central Square Plaza buildings on a 1-acre lot in Midtown. We’re hoping to get more details soon. The fate of the 12- and 14-story offices and parking garage at 2100 Travis has been tied up in court for years; Swamplot reported last summer that owner Alfred J. Antonini won a skirmish in a ongoing battle against the city, which had in 2011 ordered him to make “a bunch of repairs” to the buildings, vacant now for a real long time.

Photo: Swamplot inbox (sign); LoopNet

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  • I’m for architectural preservation, but this is one we might be better off without. I hope someone restores and preserves the sign, if it comes to that.

  • Have to see the larger than life gang tagging on the downtown facing side? Someone is able to get in the building, either that or they are scaling the sides. I shudder to think what’s inside.

  • That building is full of asbestos and the roof is caving in (my foot almost fell through). The owner always asked for way way too much for the building. It’s only worth land value (minus expensive demo)at best.

  • What is wrong with this city! Pass a law that gives city council the power to force the owners to fix up or tear this crap down!

  • Nothing new. This has been for sale for quite a long time. These signs just appear to be freshly painted.

  • If it is full of asbestos I bet some trial lawyer has homeless peeps gathered to file a class action suit against the owner!!

  • Greg, do those laws exist in most other cities? Did Houston never get them on the books because of our plentiful real estate?

  • I’ve always wondered what’s up with the sign on top of the building. Never seen it lit up, but with it dark, it appears to make Chinese characters or some alien symbols. Waht was the purpose of it during it’s life?

  • @superdave, they used to have a clock up there.

    these signs have been up for a good long while, although they are probably freshly painted.

  • Superdave, the sign is a lit digital clock.

  • darogr, those are not “gang” tags. Just graffiti.

    Building is rotting and the basement is nasty…but I love that place.

  • This building is beautiful, one of the moat beautiful the city has of this period. We must save it. Imagine the wonders it would do for the skyline once its been fixed up and driverson the pierce elevaded can see its beautiful digital clock. We must save this building. It would make perfect residential/ office space/mixes use.

  • I’ve never accused anyone of trolling (I usually receive that honor) but Adam Socki MUST be trolling! That building is structurally unsound and full of asbestos, low ceilings, and facing the dreaded bus station. In real estate world, the building has NO value what so ever.

  • it is high rise crack house

  • @commonsense: Sure the building might not be the most beautiful building in the world, but for a building of its time period, it certainly is more architectural appealing than many of its peers. Not to mention that it is a great location for development, the building could serve as an anchor pulling more development into the southern part of Downtown and northern Midtown. Its worth saving considering the condition that it is in and the relative cost of repairing it compared to constructing two new high rises of the same size.

  • @commonsense

    Hey buddy…still trollin’? #SockiWasRight