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  • Per Montgomery County CAD records, it appears that the sellers are Steve and Becky Riggle, pastors of Grace Community Church. They certainly appear to be very blessed!

  • $2.7 million on that side of lake Conroe …. Buahahhahah!

  • @Dave
    I noticed that too. Don’t forget to tithe, y’all. Pastor Riggle needs a new boat! Sickening.

  • Perpetual Exemption! Hallelujah!

  • @Dave, that’s interesting but not surprising, there a lot of “pastors” that live in mega mansions in Carlton Woods and around Lake Woodlands. I guess peddling medieval fairy tales and Bronze Age superstitions is a very lucrative business especially real estate speaking.

  • Soooo bbbrrroooowwwnnnnn. Everywhere, stone, wood, and bbbbrroooowwwwnnnn. Please make it stop. Did someone from the Spanish Inquisition design this house? (dun, dun, dunnnnnnn)

  • I did the photography for this house and it’s my understanding that Steve has money from many other investments and the church isn’t paying for a pad like this! lol

    Great house and very nice people.

  • Ooh, this is like a dungeon nightmare. And the hyper-photos just make it worse.
    Seriously?! A cobble stone, grotto-like tub alcove… with GLASS BLOCK!! Hahahaagakkhhh…
    Anyway… Just think of the affordable housing that could have been provided to Conroe/Montgomery with the time, attention and money spent here.

  • Surely they are downsizing and donating all proceeds to charity!

  • @KRO Pros, that’s what they ALL say, but in reality their wealth is directly tied to the church, be it mandatory salary, lucrative business deals given by members, publicity books and appearances. They DO get paid to speak at other churches.

    I think any property tax exemptions for churches is a ludicrous thing and needs to stop (not talking about this house but in general). If you look at most church operations they collect tons of money and spend it on itself, its operations and expansions, they spend scraps on charitable work.

  • commonsense—most churches are poor, as the saying goes, as a church mouse. Sure, there are some large operations which provide private schooling (taking pressure off the government schools), do plenty of charitable work (soup kitchens, clothing drives, etc. and missionary work (proselytizing while providing basic services such as medical care, vaccinations and water access), but most are small, underfunded, headed by part-time leaders and come and go frequently. All in all, probably a good deal for taxpayers.

  • Barks, the poor churches are the “mom and pop” operations which come and go like many failed businesses and restaurants, but the rest of them generate weekly revenue to feed the machine. Parents pay huge $ for the education, every time they do a soup kitchen, they use free labor and donated food, any extra curricular activities are funded by EXTRA collections and offerings. The weekly cashflow is used to feed the beast. Catholic church is the biggest real estate business on the planet, they own the best real estate in all of the cities of the world (tax free). Every time a Mega Church collects enough money to build a new and bigger building, they do it post haste. So, in some perverse way churches are real estate companies and exist for the sake of existing.