Montrose Art Collective To Have Sex Change Before Replacing Domy Books

MONTROSE ART COLLECTIVE TO HAVE SEX CHANGE BEFORE REPLACING DOMY BOOKS Culturemap is reporting that Westheimer Rd. purveyors of fine comics and doodads Domy Books will be closing July 14. Apparently, building owner Dan Fergus (who also owns Brasil next door and the smaller building next to that that Space Montrose is trying to raise money to leave) has already secured a new tenant: Cody Ledvina, the painter of weiner dogs and poolside cats and co-founder of Montrose art and performance whatchamacallit the Joanna. And though it seems this relocating incarnation will be undergoing gender reassignment to become the Brandon, Ledvina says that that won’t alter the quality of what goes on there: “The programming, as far as the art goes, will be basically the exact same. Not any more refined or professional.” [Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Larami Culbertson

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  • Will they still have screenings of indie films?

  • TheNiche- Yes, we will have a rotating programing schedule that includes film, lectures,concerts, and exhibitions. We will engage both the back and front patio as much as we possibly can.

  • Cool. Thanks for the quick response.

  • I saw something about ‘The Brandon’ up in Domy last time I was there. I thought for sure it was a joke. But now that I know it isnt I’m seriously disapointed it isnt a shrine to Brandon West.