Montrose’s New Long Dog

Regretting what he calls “too much shitty visual culture” in Montrose, artist Cody Ledvina has spent the past few months approaching businesses with ideas for murals as a way of changing that culture, wall by wall. (You might remember Ledvina’s redone Mary’s mural before the leather bar was closed to make way for Blacksmith.) The most recent mural is this elongated weiner dog stretching out on the side of EJ’s Bar at 2517 Ralph St. The photo’s taken from Kueter St. beside Buffalo Exchange and that fenced-in vacant lot on Westheimer near Dunlavy. Also shown here is part of a mural — that’s a skyline silhouette, there — on the side of Urban Leasing & Realty’s building at 1901 Vermont St.


Here, at Griff’s at 3416 Roseland St., drunken leprechauns share and share alike their beverage of choice.

Photos: Cody Ledvina

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  • “too much shitty visual culture”, says the guy that drew a giant cartoon dog with a paint roller? And people wonder why I have zero respect for “artists”.

  • Been wondering about that paint job on Vermont.

  • I love the Vermont Street mural! Not only has that building gone through some wonderful renovations recently, but now I break out in a smile every time I see the cat sitting on the edge of the pool looking towards downtown.

  • You must be one boring SOB to hang out with @commonsense.

  • Yeah, why have an amusing weiner dog mural when you could plaster that wall with some pink stucco and white faux-stone. Who needs artists?

  • @commonsense I highly doubt that anyone wonders why you have zero respect for artists.

  • Commonsense is a bad troll. Please don’t respond to anything he/she says.

  • I have zero respect for most Houston area artists as well. Most of the “art” that I see at galleries is frankly, garbage, such as facial portraits with genitalia painted on them. Sorry, but the people buying these orange stucco Mcmansions are the same idiots plunking down $2,000-3,000 for this junk.

  • To each is own, I’m entertained by discussing business and politics, some people are entertained by malcontents with a paint bucket.

  • gotta respect the effort it must take to log on here day in and day out and play the role of walking, talking right-wing cliche.

  • The mural on Dunlavy is hidieous. The owners did a good job on the buildings renovations and ruined the whole look with the amature.

  • Montrose is lucky to have Cody Ledvina. What is with the negative criticism? What are YOU doing to beautify a neighborhood and build a sense of community?

    Thank you Cody!

  • Some people just don’t like art, which is fine but for some reason art is unique in that the naysayers always feel entitled to make value judgements on the entirety of art. I guess visual art is just an easy target. As to the penis art, nobody hears a shitty band at one of the 100 Little Woodrows in town and declares all of Houston music dead.

  • I disagree, Harold. I love facial portraits with genitalia painted on them, and I’m really pleased that this genre of art has become associated with Houston. I was just remarking on this the other day to a fellow malcontent at an exhibit at the Watercolor Art Society of Houston over on Alabama. The theme of the show? Facial portraits with genitalia painted on them, of course.

  • Let me get this straight – we are to minimize and shout down the work of “malcontents with a paint bucket,” but a malcontent with a keyboard is a-okay? Cody Ledvina loves this neighborhood and is exactly the kind of person who makes Montrose the neighborhood it is. Bravo, Cody.

  • This is one of the best things that has recently happened to Montrose. Keep up the excellent work, Mr. Ledvina! Thank you for bringing some genuine human charm to this new wave of quickly drowsying urban “development”.

  • Once every fifty years you get a facial-portraits-with-genitalia-painted-on-them painter of Cody Ledvina’s talent.

  • If you really think the cat on the lake or whatever it is looks good then your sense of aestetic is obviously out of whack. That “mural” is out of place and poorly done. I actully like some of the fun graffiti
    art on buildings around Montrose…. but not
    that horrible mess. It looks like an art project from a kindergarten class. Im sure some of the paragons of “art appreciation” would howl if the next store neighbor painted their house hot pink with polka dots all over it……etc.

  • I love you Cody.

  • The Museum of Bad Art has a website, and it is just awesome.

    “Peter the Kitty” is my personal favorite.

  • I would not describe commonsense as a troll. I think he’s completely sincere, and in fact his views represent a very large portion of the local population.

    Public art can be really cool or completely boring. Try to please everybody and you end up please nobody or, maybe, the least sophisticated among us. I do not claim any superiority on the subject of art, believe me. I am not nearly sophisticated enough to understand some of what passes for modern art these days. But I’m certainly not gonna knock it. Especially not a giant weiner dog.

  • FYI for the lazy. @Tom – the cat is a reference to “Balls” the cat from the infamous Mary’s mural which, @Swamplot was repainted years after the bar itself had closed and done with permission from Heugel et al after they had purchased it. It’s also arguably (for better or worse) the most “Montrose” piece of public art we’ve ever had so the reference is apt, especially considering Ledvina’s work under the auspices of the Montrose Improvement Bureau.

  • Somebody doesn’t like “art”. That’s nothing. Recently somebody of the right-wing persuasion told that me that he doesn’t like music. Not just some types of music but every type of music. I didn’t even know how to respond to that because it never occurred to me that somebody with no apparent psychological issues could feel that way.

  • For your information @windows95. I still think the art work is poorly done. And I do know about the Mary’s building and this is a poor interpretation.

  • Um, a giant weiner dog painted on the side of EJ’s is hilarious. I love it. Nice to see camp return to Montrose!

  • I live a few houses down on Vermont and watched all the renovations the owners were doing to the inside of the building. I see this mural daily and I have to say I’m not a fan. And I love cats and color. But something so much better could’ve been done. Maybe one day it’ll be painted over…

  • Those are all just big ol’ smiles. I like them.

  • Best quote ever…

    “And I love cats and color.”-KB

  • If it’s going to be a public mural, get a professional muralist.

  • New best quote

    “Professional Muralist”-miss_msry

  • Man, I step away from swamplot for week or so and miss out on a thread with “way to go Cody!” all over it.
    Dang it. Guess I can’t skip my daily swamplot reading. :-)

  • As the owner of the building of 1901 Vermont I appreciate all the feedback on the brick wall facing Dunlavy. Cody came to me with an idea to make that graffitied wall interesting and colorful and I think that’s what he did. My vision is that the wall will be a canvas for the Montrose community. If you think it looks bad, feel free to send some mock-ups of what it should be. I’m sure Swamplot would be happy to post them.